Free Fire MAX Ramadan Top Up: Legendary Rewards, and More!

Free Fire MAX Ramadan Top Up: Legendary Rewards, and More!
Free Fire MAX Ramadan Top Up: Legendary Rewards, and More!

Free Fire MAX Ramadan Top-Up with Legendary Rewards and More: also Free Fire Max is a new and better game for everyone (especially in India after the Free Fire ban). Like previous Free Fire, Free Fire Max is also a game of events where every other day players get something new. In this blog post, you will read about one of these events and its legendary rewards. If you want to get your hands on one of the best items of this season then keep reading our blog. 

What is Ramadan Top Up in Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX top-up is not different from the top-ups of the original Free Fire. These top-ups are a sweet way to get some extra diamonds with the same amounts of money. Yes, Free Fire MAX allows players to obtain some extremely exclusive and legendary items for almost free. 

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But to get your hands on these items, you need to invest some money or purchase diamonds. Offers like these are best for those who are planning to purchase diamonds and they will get boys with the same amount of money. 

How to Get Legendary Rewards in Ramadan Top-Up Event? 

As we know, one of the biggest festivals around the world Ramadan is running, and Free Fire MAX is also celebrating. Many Ramadan-related events are running and some of them will begin in a few days. 

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There are two exclusive items available or you can say obtainable. Keep a note in mind that these items are exclusive and there is no way to get them if the event ends. However, Free Fire MAX becomes faithful and kind to add these rewards in the store. 

But the biggest problem with this is the cost of the rewards, so if you want to get Ramadan special rewards for free then take part in this event. The two available items are legendary Parang skin and a legendary emote and they come with two different top-ups. 

Top Up Cost: 

  1. The first item on the list is Emerald Slicer- Parag Skin. And to get these exclusive items, you need to do the Top-Up 200 Diamonds. 
  2. The second item on the list is a Booyah Sparks Emote and is available at Top-Up 500 Diamonds. 
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The process to do top-up is quite simple, for example, you can follow the steps. First, open your Free Fire and head towards the store. After that purchase 200 or 500 diamonds according to your interest. The time your top-up is complete then you can claim your Ramadan exclusive rewards from the event section. 

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Amit Kumar
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