Codashop.com Genshin Impact: Scam or Legit?

Need to buy genesis crystals for Genshin Impact? Get the most out of your money by using codashop.com to buy more and get bonuses on your purchases in Genshin Impact.

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If you’re stuck onto a quest in Genshin Impact it might be because of your character level/type. Sometimes it is also because of your weapon. What can you do to solve these problems? A generic solution is by buying more Primogems/Generic Crystals and purchasing the characters/weapons that can help you. But, how can you get the most value from your money? This is where codashop.com comes in to help you in Genshin Impact.

Codashop.com will help you top up not only Genesis crystals you can buy from Genshin Impact but also bonus Genesis Crystals for Genshin Impact. This will help you to get more Primogems for the same amount of money. Hence, more progress.

Codashop.com has served not only Genshin Impact but also Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, CODM, Valorant, and many more such games. So, now the question comes whether the site is actually legit or not. To remove your confusion keep reading.

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Codashop.com: Is it Legit?

It has been confirmed by MiHoYo themselves that the site codashop.com is legit. The site offers one-time purchase bonuses that are unbelievable. Besides this even if you purchased Genesis crystals in-game you can claim the bonuses from their site. All you need to do is purchase the Genesis crystals from their sites.

Besides this, no scam website offers a legitimate contact detail. Or even a receipt claim feature. But if you make a purchase from codashop.com you’ll find that they give out their contact details. Also, asking you for your email to send a receipt for your purchase.

You can also check the legitimacy of codashop here.

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How does codashop.com work for Genshin Impact?


Follow simply the steps given below to get the best value for your money while purchasing from the site.

Step-1: Go to codashop.com for Genshin Impact

Step-2: Enter your unique UID number

Step-3: Choose whichever recharge amount you like

Step-4: Complete the payment

Step-5: Open your game to find your Genesis Crystals in the game.

Yes, it is as easy as this. All you have to do is give them your UID which some players might be skeptical about. Don’t worry it has been confirmed by MiHoYo that the UID number can’t allow data breaches or leaks from your account. You can also see the top up prices on their site.

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You can also get more primogems and mora by just redeeming codes. To know more about the redeem codes of Genshin Impact you can visit here.

How can you pay codashop.com?

Top up payment options
Top up payment options

There are various options/platforms offered by codashop.com to maintain flexibility for your purchases in Genshin Impact. The payment options are as below:

  1. Touch’N Go eWallet
  2. Boost
  3. FPX
  4. Celcom
  5. DiGi
  6. MAXIS
  7. U Mobile
  8. Card payment

As you can see, they also offer flexibility by offering this many payment platforms. No credit card or registration is required for the same.

In conclusion, you can use codashop.com for a better value of your money than just buying them from Genshin Impact.

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