Kucha Gusha Genshin Impact: A Detailed Guide

Stuck on the Kucha Gusha quest in Genshin Impact? Check out this guide to help you out in finishing the quest and knowing what you can do next. Read more about the Kucha Gusha in Genshin Impact here.

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Genshin Impact

Players all over Teyvat are pursuing the Mimi Tomo events completing them one after the other. These Quests are quite exciting but can become a bit confusing at the same time. For instance, there might be indecision about a certain phrase Kucha Gusha Genshin Impact.

Apparently, a Diligent Hilichurl would be asking for a ‘Kucha Gusha’. You need to submit the required materials to the Hilichurl to move ahead in the event. In order to do so let’s know a bit about the word itself.

What does the Kucha Gusha Actually Mean in Genshin Impact?

Kucha Gusha Genshin Impact
Kucha Gusha

Kucha Gusha‘ means seed according to the ‘Handy Handbook of Hilichurls’ given to us by Ella Musk. The direct translation of the word Kucha Gusha is ‘Small Seed‘. This is what the Diligent Hilichurl would be asking for.

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Where do we Find the Kucha Gusha Genshin Impact for Our Quest?

As we already know, what the Kucha Gusha already means, it has been tested that it can include almonds and dandelion seeds. The easiest place to find these is in front of the main gate of the city of Monstadt. You can find a bunch of dandelion flowers which you can use anemo on to get the dandelion seeds.

Besides this you can also find almonds in barrels and inside dungeons. Dandelion seeds can be found at the top of most hills on the north of the map as well.

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Check out his short video to help you out:

How to Solve the Quest for the Diligent Hilichurl Asking for Kucha Gusha?

Hand over the dandelion seeds or almonds to the Diligent hilichurl. The Hilichurl will hint directly to the Unusual Hilichurl and its location being ‘Mosi Aba Nunu‘. The direct translation of the phrase is ‘from after sunset until late night’.

The Unusual Hilichurl is to be found during the sunset till late night time as hinted by the Hilichurl. Head over to the location to continue your quest.

Unusual Hilichurl Location
Unusual Hilichurl Location

What Should you do After This?

After finishing the quest of Kucha Gusha head over to the Unusual Hilichurl as mentioned before. But this has to be during the time of 8 PM till midnight. You’ll not be able to find any indicators before or after that time.

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Use the time forwarding in order to reach your desired time if need be. You’ll see a yellow circle indicating this Unusual Hilichurl. Beware though, unlike the other Hilichurls this one is stronger and hits harder so be well prepared and equipped.

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