Best Snipers to Use in Apex Legends Season 16

Best Snipers to Use in Apex Legends Season 16
22/03/2023/ Best Snipers to Use in Apex Legends Season 16 / Image via youtube

The leading weapons are the ones which are only found in care packages, have no attachments and have only a limited amount of ammo thus balancing the outrageous damage they can do if put in wise hands.

There will be a whole new class structure, Team Death Match, and more. But what weapon should you deploy when you enter? Here is our list of Apex Weapon Tiers, so start honing your aim and ascending!




280 140 112

Since the day it was introduced, KRABER is the only weapon that hasn’t been changed or removed from care packages over 16 seasons. The wonders that it can do in competitive apex has been proved over and over by various pros including ALLIANCE YUKI in the ALGS endgame where he hit 2 body shots back-to-back winning them the game.

When Eminen said “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blowYUKI AND WAS FEELING IT.

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The only downside of it is its enraging reloading time varying from 3.2 seconds to 4.2 seconds which can cause you trouble in close range. Thus, missing a close-range hip fire shot can cost you a lot in a ranked or competitive match.

No wonder why apex pros want this beast out of ALGS…….


The weapons whose attachments can be found on ground or can be crafted through crafting materials, have unlimited ammo.

The ground/crafter/care package/gold-kitted weapons change from season to season, the information in this article is based on the latest apex legends season 16 as of March 2023.



70-88 140-176 63-79

SPECIALITY: When charged by a shield cell, the damage goes way up.

The fan favourite sniper, which many apex pros believe to be the best sniper of all time and is, of course, available as ground loot, comes in at number two on the list. It is likely the only sniper on this list through which you can quick scope at both a distance and even up close. 

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The most satisfying moment in a sweaty ranked match is probably when you clutch a fight with a charged Sentinel.

But, mastering a sentinel requires time and practice, you are going to miss shots every now and then, you are gonna end up losing fights, and thus a dancing octane is the most frustrating animal which you will encounter through your journey.



118-138  55 44


The introduction of SKULLPIERCER RIFLING was the longbow’s long-awaited buff. With skullpiercer added in your longbow your headshot damage increases from 118 to 138 per bullet. It’s an overall sniper which has significantly less reloading time 2.57-3.45(with the gold mag) and overall easy to use with fair amount of damage.

If you are looking for a sniper but don’t have the balls to ask your teammates for the kraber because you are gonna mess up under pressure and would be called dogsh*t at every shot you fumble this is the one for you.

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116 90 90

With not so good a reputation in the apex community , it’s allegedly called one of the most overpowered as well as annoying weapons because it takes little to no skill to use, and is used by damage farmers to unlock the 2k and 4k damage badge.

But yes, after all , at the end of the day, it’s a very useful weapon that can shoot at outrageous distances, requires easily available attachments, and has little to no recoil.

Let’s say it the hard way now: “If you don’t have the balls to use real snipers and you stink at close range, find a rat spot and interrupt other people in between their fights” , because that’s what it’s going to look like when you are using a charge rifle.

Tell us what we missed or where was your favourite sniper ranked on the list…..

Written By: Saket Chahal

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