Latest Apex Legends Update introduces to Ranking progression for Players

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23/12/2023 |Apex Legends’ updated Promotional Trials offer smoother tier progress, easing conditions for players transitioning, and fostering more attainable paths to advancement. | Credits: Apex Legends

Apex Legends enthusiasts will notice a smoother path in ascending through tiers during their Promotional Trials, making the journey between tiers more manageable. That is because of the change made by Respawn Entertainment this week which softened the conditions set when players enter those promotional Trails which is a new feature that was implemented this season.

Apex Legends Update on Promotional Trail

The Twitter post by Respawn said ” FYI legends: We just pushed an update to promo Trails in ranked @playApex matches to make some of them easier to achieve”.

The recent update released this week provided specific details on the alterations made. Certain players experienced automatic promotions due to these changes, while others who weren’t prepared for promotion might now find certain segments of the Promotional Trials more attainable.

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Specifics were not shared until the players themselves noticed and reported back that it seemed to be the secondary conditions associated withΒ  Promotional Trails that were updated. This adjustment implies that achieving secondary requirements such as consistent top 10 placements or specific kill counts aside from outright victories, has been made more achievable for players.

What are the Promotional Trails of Apex Legends?

You might wonder what promotional trials are if you’re taking an off-ranked match in a game this season. Introduced during the Ignite season, these matches serve as challenge rounds, requiring players to fulfil specific criteria to progress to the subsequent tier. While winning a match remains the swiftest path in these Promotional Trials, the secondary requirements demand specific in-game performance levels for ranking up. This acknowledges the challenge of consistent victories and offers alternative pathways to advance tiers.

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Guidelines Set By Respawn Entertainment

  • Meeting the Trial’s conditions within the specified match count limit (whether by securing a victory or fulfilling the alternative criteria) earns players a promotion to the next tier, accompanied by a 250 LP promotional bonus.
  • If the Trial isn’t fulfilled within the match limit, it concludes, leading to a deduction of LP based on the player’s performance.
  • The Trials have a time limit of 5 matches, extending by 1 game for each retry of the same Trial, allowing up to 10 retries.
  • Provisional matches bypass Promotional Trails.


In a recent update, Respawn Entertainment modified Apex Legends’ Promotional Trials, easing conditions for players transitioning between tiers. These Trials, introduced this season, aim to challenge players with specific criteria beyond just winning matches. While victories remain the fastest route, secondary requirements now offer more achievable paths for progression, like consistent top placements or specific kill counts. Respawn’s Twitter announcement hinted at adjustments, prompting players to notice the eased secondary conditions. Successfully meeting Trial conditions within a set match count earns players promotions and a 250 LP bonus, while failure leads to LP deductions. These Trials span 5 matches, extending by 1 retry up to a maximum of 10 attempts, with provisional matches exempt from these Trials.

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