Early Leaks About The Newest Legends Ballistic’s Son

Insider Information on Ballistic's Son: Early Leaks and Rumors!

ballistic son apex legends
24.04.23 ballistic son apex legends

Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game that features a diverse roster of characters with unique abilities and personalities. Each season, the game introduces a new legend to spice up the gameplay and the lore. However, sometimes these legends are leaked ahead of their official reveal, spoiling the surprise for some fans.

EA recently had a leak when they accidentally posted an image of the Season 17 legend on their website, along with some details about a new collection event. Some eagle-eyed players and leakers captured and shared it online before the image was quickly removed.

Ballistic Son Apex Legends

Some sources report that the leaked legend’s name is Ballistic, and his father is August “Ballistic” Brinkman, a famous Outlands fighter and arms dealer. According to these sources, Kuben Blisk, a prominent character from the Titanfall series and the founder of the Apex Games, maybe Ballistic’s father. They say that Ballistic is an assault class legend who specializes in using and enhancing weapons. Rumors suggest that his abilities are:

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ballistic son apex legends
24.04.23 ballistic son apex legends


  • Weapon Sling – A sling where he can store a third weapon that is accessed via his inventory. This weapon cannot use any attachments.


Smart Bullet – A projectile that debuffs enemies by heating up their weapons as they shoot. Overheating will cause damage and lock-on to targets.


Weapon Enhancer – A buff that provides faster reload speed, increased movement speed, and infinite ammo to nearby allies.

They describe Ballistic’s appearance as that of an older man with a white beard and glasses, resembling Walter White from Breaking Bad. He wears a blue jacket and a hat with a logo that resembles a bullet.

Some of the existing legends have already commented on Ballistic’s arrival, as revealed by some leaked voice lines. For example, Gibraltar said he used to bet on Ballistic’s father back in his Thunderdome days, and Mirage said he felt sorry for Ballistic having to live up to his dad’s legacy.

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ballistic son apex legends
24.04.23 ballistic son apex legends

People expect Ballistic to join the Apex Games in Season 17, which will likely start in May 2023. In addition to him, the game may also have a new weapon that resembles the Smart Pistol from Titanfall. Rumors suggest that the Season 17 theme will be “Arsenal”, which matches Ballistic’s background and abilities.


Apex Legends fans are eagerly awaiting more official information and confirmation about Ballistic and Season 17. Until then, they can enjoy the current Season 16, which features a major class rework, a new map update, and a new collection event called Veiled.

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