Minecraft: Top Little Known Tips & Tricks for Beginner’s!

Minecraft: Top Little Known Tips & Tricks for Beginner's!
Minecraft: Top Little Known Tips & Tricks for Beginner’s!

For beginners in Minecraft, we will introduce useful tricks that you can use immediately. All of them are basic techniques, but there are many situations where it is useful to learn them. For example, Jumping while sprinting moves faster than normal sprinting. Be careful though, as dash jumping will quickly make you hungry. This is the fastest way to move without using items or vehicles.

Infinite Water Flow with a Bucket: By using a water bucket, you can create an infinite flow of water that never runs out no matter how many buckets you use. To create an infinite water flow, simply pour water in two diagonal locations in a 2×2 square space. (Use a bucket of water when flushing.)

Then, the water flow and the water flow merge, and the 2 × 2 space in Minecraft is filled with water, creating an infinite water flow. In this state, no matter where you pick up water with a bucket, it will never run out.

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No Damage even when Landing from a High Place

We will introduce each method to avoid damage even if you wear it from a high place.

Land on water: Even if you land from a high place, you can get past it without damage if you are on the water. The depth of the water is OK even if it is only 1 mass. When working at heights, it is convenient to use a bucket to fill the bottom with water beforehand so that you can quickly jump back down. Be careful to land firmly in the water, Buhi!

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Jump on a boat (Java version only): This method is for the Java version only. Note that you can’t do this with the integrated version (smartphone version, switch version, etc.)! You will not take fall damage while in a boat. Even if it’s a boat, it doesn’t matter if there’s water or not, and it’s okay if you land on the ground.

How do Get to the Other Side of the Lava Minecraft?

This is a useful technique when you want to cross over lava. When crossing over lava, you can easily cross by using a ” water bucket”. Lava turns into another block called “obsidian” when it touches the water flow, so you can easily cross it by flushing water with a bucket of water. Instead of pouring the water bucket directly into the lava, it’s better to pour it over the floor near the lava!

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Techniques for fencing animals: Fences are often used to prevent animals from escaping. At that time, let’s put a carpet on the fence. only players can jump the carpeted fence, animals cannot ride on it. It will be easier to come and go without worrying about escaping.

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How to Quickly Break up Minecraft Sand and Gravel?

You can use a torch to easily break a pile of sand or gravel. All you have to do is break the bottom of the sand block and place the torch before the sand falls. Then all the sand blocks that fell will be covert into items.

About attack critical: Attacking while the player is falling will result in a “critical hit”. Critical hits deal 1.5x normal damage. However, the critical timing is quite severe, so it may be better not to force yourself to aim while you are not used to the controls.

Breathe underwater using torches and doors (Minecraft Java version only): *This method is available only for the Java version. You can breathe underwater by using torches and doors.

If a torch is under the water, the water will temporarily disappear and air will appear. However, the current quickly destroys the torch, so you can only breathe for a short time. Also note that with this method, you can’t breathe unless you place the torch on your face.

Even if you place it at your feet, air will not be available at the height of your face. A door can create a completely water-free space. Unlike torches, it is not destroyed by water currents, so it is convenient to hold the door when diving underwater.

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Bring back villagers and animals on a boat (integrated version): *This method is available only for the integrated version (switch version, smartphone version, PS4 version, etc.). In the integrated version, you can use a “leash” on the boat. Lanyards are useful when bringing back animals, but some mobs, such as villagers cannot join them.

However, even such mobs can go out by placing them in a boat and attaching a lanyard to the boat itself. However, boats move slowly on the ground and cannot climb steps, so it may be better to use a trolley when transporting to a distant place.

Simple Automatic Door in Minecraft

You can easily create an automatic door by using an item called a “pressure plate”. To make an automatic door, just place a pressure plate in front of the door. One thing to keep in mind at this point is that the pressure plate reacts to whoever gets on it.

In other words, monsters such as zombies and skeletons, as well as animals such as cows and sheep, can automatically open the door by standing on the pressure plate. Therefore, if you place a pressure plate outside your house, you may have unexpected guests in your house, so be careful. If you put a pressure plate inside your house, you won’t forget to close the door.

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