5 Cutest Animals in Minecraft 1.18: Must have One of These

Cutest Animals in Minecraft

Minecraft has a lot of different mobs in it. It has over 40 different types of mobs and still adding more with each update. Zombies and creepers to the Ender dragon, all the mobs have their importance in the game. It makes the game more interesting. However, the animals in the game add a different spice to the game. So, here are the 5 Cutest Animals in Minecraft.

Animals in Minecraft refer to the real-life-like creatures added to the game. These creatures are added to the game so that the players can relate to the game, more. There are different types of animals in Minecraft. From land to water to air. All the animals are different. Some of them even can be tamed and kept as pets too.

5 Cutest Animals in Minecraft

5. Parrots

Parrots in Minecraft

These flying-funky creatures are in the game. They are found in jungle Biomes. Parrots are one of the cutest animals in Minecraft. Moreover, they are of multi-colors. They are tamable as one can tame them by feeding them seeds. Once you see heart coming out of them, they are tamed. Then these flying animals will sit on your shoulder.

4. Wolves


Wolves are something in Minecraft that come automatically to your mind when you talk about the cutest animals in Minecraft. Moreover, Wolves were one of the first animals that were added to the game. Once you tame them, they will go with you on your journeys and adventures until you make them sit. You can find wolves spawning in forests, wooded hills, and taiga biomes.

3. Foxes

These creatures are some of the animals that were added to the game after Community Voting. Mojang promised that if the Taiga Biome would win the voting, foxes will be added to the game, and it sure happened.

Cutest Animals in Minecraft

So, the orange foxes can be seen in the taiga and Giant taiga forests. Moreover, the players can find the Exclusive white foxes in the snowy Taiga forest. One of the main functions of these animals is, that they hold items in their Mouth. However, in some rare conditions, you can find emeralds, rabbit’s feet, etc.

2. Pandas

Well, the pandas were added to the game so that players and the world can get aware of them. Pandas are hard to find as they spawn only in Jungle and Bamboo Jungle Forest Biomes.

Cutest Animals in Minecraft

These are some of the cutest animals in Minecraft. However, if someone doesn’t find them cute, they must look at the playful and weak pandas. As playful pandas roll on the ground for fun. The sneeze of the weak panda jump scares the adult panda. All these activities are funny and cute at the same time.

1. Axolotls

Cutest Animals in Minecraft
Axolotls in Minecraft

One of the newest Mob that has been added to the game is the Axolotls. These creatures were part of the Minecraft 1.17 Update part I. Moreover, these became the favorite of everyone ever since they showed up in the Minecon 2020. One of the cutest animals in Minecraft.

Now, most players usually spend their time finding Axolotls. However, it can be a very difficult task as they only spawn in a very dark place under the height level of 63. But once you find them, players can pick up these cute little creatures in the water bucket and keep them in their inventory. Moreover, you can also breed these cute little creatures.

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