Among Us: What is the Reliable Packet error?

Among Us Reliable Packet Error Fixed

In a very short time, Among Us has become a global hit, and that causes Among Us game with some Reliable Packet error. The game draws millions of active users daily which is creating a new problem for the players.

The players are recently encountering a (Reliable Packet) error message in Among Us when they’re trying to find matchmaking which is compelling the users to think if something is wrong with their connectivity.

So, if you’ve ever come across a message that looks like this“Reliable Packet 1 (size=14) was not ack’d after 7518 ms (9 resends)” then read on to find out where the problem lies in Among Us Reliable Packet error.

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Among Us: Why the Reliable Packet Error occurs in the Game

Every online game requires a server for each specific region, which has a limit of users it can handle at a time (often set by the companies according to the daily users). When a load of player’s data packets exceeds its limit, it results in the server crashing with some error like Among Us Reliable Packet Error.

Which is exactly what happens in Among Us too. Being an indie game, Among Us was not created for such a vast number of players, and the Among Us game used to run smoothly. But, since the game has attracted this huge amount of players we are getting Among Us Reliable Packet Error in the Game.

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When the data packets of such massive players are loaded on the server at the same time, the servers may receive the data packets but they aren’t able to transfer them back to the users. Thus, the servers go crashing and the users receive this (not acknowledged) message as Among Us Reliable Packet Error.

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Among Us: What could You Do if you get the Error?

Since the Among Us Reliable packet error message you received is from the game’s server, you can’t really do anything to fix that.

So, it’ll be a wiser choice for you to either wait for some time or change your server to another region (i.e. if your current server is Asia then try changing it to Europe or North America) to fix this Among Us reliable packet error on temporarily base.

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And the developers have also assured the players to fix the Among Us reliable packet server error in the upcoming updates soon.

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