Among Us: Can Vitals Help In Finding Impostors?

Check Vitals in Among Us
Check Vitals in Among Us

Among Us players are constantly in search of new techniques that’ll make them outshine others. Recently, a new trick on Vitals in Among Us has surfaced on the front page of the internet, Reddit, and everyone’s curious to know if it works.

A Reddit post from user u/arekwashere claims that the Vitals in Among Us can be used to find the Impostor in the game. The theory suggests of Impostors having a different heartbeat rate compared to Crewmembers. It further adds, whenever a crewmate comes close to an Impostor their heartbeat changes but when that Impostor kills the Crewmember their (Impostor’s) heartbeat changes drastically.

So what is Vital in Among Us first of all?

Vitals in Among Us: All You Need to Know

Guide on Vitals

Vitals in Among Us is a unique ability that lets the players check the health status of all the players. It is exclusively available on the map of Polus, located next to the office.

It can be used by Crewmembers, Imposter, and Ghosts as well. Green is displayed for players alive, Red is for the players who recently died while Grey is displayed if someone has been disconnected. Players are shown in the order they had joined the lobby.

Working of Vitals in Among Us

Dead Body Reported in Among Us
Vitals in Among Us is a new thing to try hands-on

Each player has a different heartbeat rate especially the Host of the game. Now even though, it’s true that change occurs in the heartbeat rate of players but that is not enough to allege anyone as Impostor since 2 different factors are colliding in the heartbeat pattern change.

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The first factor is the Impostor killing any crewmate change their heartbeat rate, while the second one states change in a heartbeat when a crewmate comes near an Impostor (which can’t seem to be confirmed as the change occurs very slightly). Even if considering it to be true, it’ll be time-consuming.


So in final conclusion, the Vitals in Among Us doesn’t reveal the Imposter with any immediate effect. But neither it can’t be said that they don’t work. As per its claims, it does slightly help in monitoring the change in the pattern of the heartbeat but the change requires more explanation for now. And hence this theory is being called a (Pausible) theory for now which neither can be said to be completely true or completely false.

Still, you can use the Vitals in Among Us for the following things:

  • Using the Vitals late in-game when fewer players are alive (preferably 4-5).
  • Using the Vital with a single Impostor only (to avoid confusion).
  • When monitoring the Vital, if any player’s status turns red (the player dies) and a report is done immediately, then it’s likely that self-report has been done by the Imposter.
  • Checking dead crewmember who hasn’t been reported.

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Since the working of Vitals in Among Us is an ability in the game and not any bug/glitch it can be used safely. In short, there’s nothing wrong with using the Vital but no one should rely on it and focus on finding the Impostor, completing tasks, and enjoy the game.

Satyajit Majhi
Satyajit Majhi
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