Among Us: How to Play Hide and Seek in Among Us? Rules, format and other details

Hide and Seek in Among Us: Demonstration

The latest trend of ‘how to play hide and seek in among us’ is an overwhelming and exciting thing to try. Hide and Seek is accessible with Among Us and you should not miss trying hands-on hide and seek in among us. After the ban of PUBG in India, Among Us has gain great popularity and success with a whopping number of faithful players in India. Within a span of just two years the growth of Among Us in the Indian market is commendable and unstoppable.

Initially, players were quite excited about Among Us but slowly they have started to lose their interest in the game. The main reason behind this problem is that Among Us includes only one theme or mode of play and the same kind of murder mystery makes the game quite monotonous. What more interesting is the way to play hide and seek in among us.

So, to solve this problem many popular You-tubers like The Rawknee Games, Ssundee have come up with a new mode in the game called Hide and Seek in Among Us. Hide and Seek is basically a new set of rules added by the players in the game by modifying some of the original rules thus making the gameplay more thrilling and exciting.

The new rules and other details for ‘Hide and seek in Among Us’ are discussed in this article which will add new excitement to your Among Us experience.

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How to Play Hide and Seek in Among Us: Rules and Format for Hiding and Seek mode

How to Play Hide and Seek in Among Us: Guide

Players need to follow some rules and regulations to play Hide and Seek in Among Us. These rules are discussed below:

  • Crewmates should be aware of the identification of imposter is in the game.
  • Before the game starts, the imposter should stand still, give a countdown of 20 seconds in the starting point of the lobby and crewmates must utilize those few seconds for a quick start to complete their tasks as fast as possible.
  • Crewmates cannot fix lights that are destroyed by the imposter.
  • Imposters are not allowed to destroy the map other than switching off the lights.
  • Dead bodies in the game cannot be reported.
  • No Emergency Meetings can be called in the game.
  • Crewmates need to finish all of their tasks to win the game before the killing of the entire crewmates by the imposter.

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How to Play Hide and Seek in Among Us: Settings and Modifications for Hiding and Seek

Along with the changes in the rules and formats for the game, players need to learn some more about the settings and modifications for Hide and Seek in Among Us. New settings and modifications are given below:

  • Imposters: 1
  • Emergency Meeting: 1
  • Discussion time:Β 15s
  • Voting time:Β 12s
  • Player speed:Β 0x
  • Crewmate vision:Β 5x
  • Imposter vision: 25
  • Kill cooldown: 15s
  • Kill distance:Β Short
  • Common tasks: 2
  • Long tasks: 0
  • Short tasks: 4

Hide and Seek in Among Us offers new fun and thrill in Among Us to the players. Hope, soon it will be added officially to the Among Us.

Maninder Beniwal
Maninder Beniwal
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