How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC?

Play PUBG Mobile on PC
31/12/2022/ Play PUBG Mobile on PC / Credits – PUBG

A game for Android and iOS devices is called PUBG Mobile. However, some individuals might find it unpleasant to play the game due to the tiny screens and on-screen controls. However, there is a solution for these users to play PUBG Mobile on a PC.
It’s legal and won’t get you banned to play the PC version of the battle royale game. However, the matching for people using emulators is different.

PUBG Mobile through an emulator on a PC

You must achieve this by using an emulator that enables PC compatibility for mobile games. The greatest one for this is Gameloop, which was created by Tencent, the developer of PUBG Mobile. Tencent Gaming Buddy was the original name of the emulator before it changed to Gameloop.

On the official website, Gameloop is available for Windows PC download. The download option may be found in the upper right corner of the page if you just open it.
Clicking on the setup after downloading it will start the installation procedure. As soon as Gameloop is downloaded, adhere to the following instructions to start playing PUBG Mobile on your PC:

  • Launch Gameloop.
  • PUBG Mobile ought should be visible on the home screen. If not, use the search box at the top to look for it.
  • Install by clicking the PUBG Mobile link.
  • Hold off until the game has finished downloading.

Open PUBG Mobile once it has been downloaded to your PC so you may play it with a keyboard and mouse. However, inside the game, you will still need to download extra materials like maps and HD textures.
For keyboard and mouse play, Gameloop has already designed a layout. To modify your bindings, just alter this in the settings.

Does using an emulator give players an advantage?

If you believe that you can simply rank up in PUBG Mobile by downloading it on your computer and wrecking players there, you’re mistaken.
Tencent discovered that many gamers play games like PUBG Mobile using emulators. As a result, they have been maintained lawful rather than being entirely outlawed.

The matching for PUBG Mobile players on the PC has been maintained separate to ensure that mobile gamers do not significantly benefit from emulator users. Gamers using emulators will thus only be matched with PC players.
The full team will only be paired with other mobile gamers if your squad includes an emulator player.


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