PUBG Mobile Spectacle-Themed Mode Nimbus Island Is Live Now!

PUBG Nimbus Island
PUBG Nimbus Island is here with sky-high adventure activities and exciting rewards like magic carpets and more. | Credit: PUBG Mobile.

As already mentioned, PUBG Mobile will be set to celebrate its 6th anniversary this year. This brings numerous updates with the PUBG Mobile 3.1 updates version. In this, you will find a spectacle-themed mode known as PUBG Nimbus Island. The announcement of this Island is already done by a social media post and now its adventurous trailer is out. Alongside, you will see how the enticing magical carpet makes your journey more exciting. This treasuring journey makes players more curious and eager to uncover the exclusive rewards.

In this, you will find a golden moon that fills the Ambience of Nimbus island with Mysterious color. So grab your squad to celebrate the festival of the Golden Moon in this sky-high spectacle-themed mode. Gear up to celebrate the six years of Battles, victories, and camaraderie with PUBG Mobile’s 6th anniversary.

PUBG Nimbus Island – Treasure Lies Where Fun Begins 

As announced earlier the release of this treasury Island filled with adventurous skillful hazard activities is live now! PUBG Nimbus Island includes exclusive rewards such as a magical carpet, Genies, Sky Treasure ships, and magic lamps. Players catch all exclusive rewards just by using their treasurer’s skills to attain the glory of chicken dinner. Anyone can defeat their powerful opponents by an unexpected attack by obtaining these rewards.


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 Sky Treasure Ships

The sky-high Treasure ship is a part of Nimbus Island inside it you can find exclusive rewards. Tenacious warriors on the land Can able to seek out the treasure on their own. In the trailer, You will see a player holding a map to look at his Treasure journey by himself. Players can encounter the Treasure ship docked on the land with exciting rewards. So don’t miss this attractive chance to pillage the skies and claim your victory with the Sky Treasure Ship.

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Magic Carpet 

In a short trailer, you can see this amazing dancing magical carpet that used to explore this PUBG Nimbus Island. By using maps players can locate this magic carpet on the Island. The carpet helps players grab the reward from the Sky Treasure Ship and Explore the exciting Sky treasuring world. Through carpet, you can travel from one place to another through guide him as it is a part of your traveling journey now. So ride the skies for diamonds treasure and in-game victory.

Genies And Magic Lamps 

Explore the exciting adventurous new themed mode by Genies and magic lamps. By rubbing the Magic Lamp the Genie came out And through which you can get exciting rewards by treasuring them. At Night Island, by using your skills unlock the Genies and magical lamps. So, get ready to explore the magical adventure-themed mode with your squad and get the diamonds and more rewards.

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PUBG Mobile 3.1 update has come With the release of the 6th anniversary PUBG Mobile event in which you will find a new spectacle-themed mode in-game for the players. On this arrival, you will find the PUBG Nimbus Island filled with treasure, adventure, and exclusive rewards.

By using a Treasure map in this Sky-high rewards victory journey players catch the magical carpet by which they travel the skies for diamonds and win the battleground by their squad to defeat the opponents. Along the side players unlock the magic lamps and Genies for rewards for this clever adventure by their skills. This adventure definitely utilizes your fog and terrain for victory.

In this, you will find a Sky Treasure ship, and inside it, players discover exclusive rewards. Players can snatch the rewards from this treasure ship by riding through the magic carpet also. So, “Anyone can be the one” Try your luck as it is Live Now!