PMPL 2023 Spring Vietnam: Teams, Format, Schedule, and More

PMPL 2023 Spring Vietnam
09/02/2023/ PMPL 2023 Spring Vietnam / Credits – PUBG Mobile

The PMPL, the first official PUBG Mobile competition of the 2023 season, is ready to begin in several areas. The finest 20 teams in the nation will compete in PMPL 2023 Spring Vietnam a two-week competition beginning on February 15 in Vietnam.

The organization changed the Pro League’s Southeast Asian structure, dropping the Grand Final in favour of a single stage to choose the winner. A new 10-point matrix has been added to the scoring system, emphasising skill-based gaming.

PMPL 2023 Spring Vietnam Schedule

From Wednesday through Sunday, there will be 25 matches contested each week over five days. The teams will be divided into five sections, each of which will have four units, at random during the first week, which runs from February 15 to February 19.

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The PMPL 2023’s first week of play will decide how teams are seeded into groups for Week 2, which takes place from February 22 to 26. The points accumulated over the 10 matchdays will be used to compile an overall scoreboard for the event.

Participating teams in PMPL 2023 Vietnam

Using the 2022 PMNC Vietnam points as their base, nine teams have been invited to compete against the top 11 teams from the PMNC VN.

In the last year, the strongest Vietnamese team, D’Xavier, will aim to continue their winning trend while the venerable Box Gaming will attempt to offer some fierce challenges. But due to a loss of form in the league phase and an inability to advance to the super finals, both the seasoned teams faced a significant decline in their results in the 2022 PMGC. The former Eagle Esports player CHUA was signed by D’Xavier before to the PMPL, and Box Gaming added three new players.

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While V Gaming tries to recover their old glory, Eagle Esports and BN United, who have been on the podium for the past several seasons, will compete for their first championships. The underdog team Genius Esports, who took home the National Championship, will try to shine on the major stage. There, Goat Girl came in third, with Resurgent coming in second.

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