Know How To Check Valorant Store Without Opening Game

Know everything about Valorant store checker here.

Check Valorant Store

Now, Valorant players can check their store without even logging in to their game. Moreover, different developers have released a new store checker website for players. Furthermore, this is a good thing for players who can’t open their daily.

Earlier, there was a store checker website for Valorant, but it was down after a few months. Now, it is back with a different name and domain. So, let’s know more about it and how to check the skins.

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All You Need To Know About Check Valorant Store Website

A new website has been released named Check Valorant. Moreover, players can log in to the website with their Riot ID. So, in order to check the exact skins available in your store today, make sure, you’re logging in to the game with the same ID.

Unlike any other game, the Valorant store is very unique. The store offers different skins to every other player in the game. Also, it gets updated every day and brings up some new skins every day.

Valorant skins are very famous and everyone loves to add some of them into their collection. However, not all players are able to log in daily. To tackle this Valorant has released their website named Valorant checker. Now, players can check the available skins from it.

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How It Works?

Let’s have a look at how it works and whether we can buy skins from it or now.

Check Valorant Store
New website from Valorant to check Valorant store

Step-1: Open CheckValorant.com

Step-2: Login with your credentials; Riot ID, password, and Region will be asked.

Step-3: Once you log in, you’ll be able to see the skins available in your store.

Unlike the previous website, which was the Valorant store, players will not be able to buy the skins or add Valorant points from the website. 

However, Valorant has added an extra feature here. Now, players will be able to watch short clips of the guns. These clips are available in-game, when players check these guns for an upgrade.

So, there is a very positive take from developers. Now, players can check their Valorant store, without logging in and this will help them to know what’s available today in their store.

Let us know in the comment section about this feature and whether you liked it or not?

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