BREAKING: Rossi To Join Godlike Valorant Roster?: Team Details Here

Former CS:GO player Kiran Rossi is all set to join Godlike esports for Valorant roster.

Rossi Valorant gODLIKE
Kiran Rossi to join Godlike esports

Former Counter-Strike: GO professional player Kiran Rossi might Godlike roster of Valorant. Moreover, the entire roster and name of the team are not revealed yet, but Kiran Rossi and HaiVaan will be the two of the five members of the team.

Earlier in September, Godlike released their Valorant roster which had players like Antidote, Rexy, and Flexx. Now, Godlike is planning to bring a new roster for the upcoming VCC.

So, we might see HaiVaan and Rossi playing for one GodL. Nevertheless, the speculation is, they can also play as an orgless team.

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All You Need To Know About New Valorant Player Rossi

Rossi Valorant Godlike
Godlike will announce their roster very soon

Kiran “Rossi” R. is a 23-year-old Counter striker player. Moreover, he has played several tournaments and has won many of them. He won the ESL India Premiership: Fall 2020 and the Esports Club Pro League Season 3 playing for ARTiSAN Esports.

Often fans get confused with SK Rossi as they both have similar names. However, he has played with SK Rossi during his BL4ZE Esports days.

Recently, Rossi started streaming Valorant on his Youtube channel. This was enough hint for players to realize that he will be shifting to the new game.

Many CS: GO players have shifted to the game. The list is endless which includes, Hellranger, Deathmaker, SK Rossi, and others. And Kiran Rossi is the latest one to put his name on the list.

HaiVaan came back after a break from streaming and made some announcements for the upcoming Valorant roster including the one which said Rossi will join his team for Valorant.

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Rossi Playstyle 

Kiran Rossi is often seen playing Jett in Valorant. Also, he played the entry fragger role for his team during CS days. Moreover, HaiVaan is a controller agent, which makes sure that Rossi will be playing on Jett.

However, many players have changed their roles after switching the game. Marzil was also an entry fragger in CS: GO, but now is often seen playing Sentinel agent in Valorant, which is a defensive agent category.

The team and org name are not confirmed, but the statement from HaiVaan is enough to say that Rossi will be playing along with him in VCC 2022. And maybe Godlike can pick the team, based on their performances.

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