Valorant Run It Back 2 Bundle Skins Release Date And Weapons

Valorant Run It Back 2
Vandal, Operator and Spectre skins in the upcoming bundle

Valorant Run It Back 2: Valorant always gives players the opportunity to buy skins, bundle which they might have missed earlier. They release these skins in the store or in the night market. However, some skins like Champions 2021 bundle are exclusive skins and will not return to the store further.

Run It Back is a bundle, where Valorant releases previously released skins. Moreover, in the bundle, all the skins are from different bundles. For example, in the previous Run it back bundle, players saw the Reaver Vandal along with Ion Operator and other skins.

Now once again, the developers are releasing the Run it back bundle in the Valorant store. Know all the details here.

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Valorant Run It Back 2 Bundle Skins: All You Need To Know

According to the leaks, the second edition of the Run it back bundle will have some premium skins. Furthermore, there will be once again no Phantom skin in the bundle and Forsaken Vandal will be the only one among rifles.

Here is the list of weapons, that will be available in the Run it back 2 Valorant bundle:

  • Origin Operator
  • Forsaken Vandal
  • Tethered Realms Ghost
  • Recon Spectre
  • Prime 2.0 Odin
Valorant Run It Back 2
The bundle is expected to release after the New Year celebration

Players will receive some free gun buddies and player cards if they buy the whole bundle. Else, Valorant allows players to buy these skins individually.

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Release Date and Price

It is too early to that we received the leak for this new bundle. Earlier, the leaks pop-up 4-5 days before the actual release of the skin. But, it seems like the leak has came at least 25 days before the actual release.

As per the reports, Run it back 2 bundle will be releasing once the Episode 3 ends. Also, Snowball bundle is released recently and it will be there in the store for atleast 20 days. So, players need to wait atleast 20 days, to get hands on the bundle.

As per the sources, the price is going to be around 7250 Valorant points for the entire bundle. And players need to spend atleast 1750 to buy rifles such as Vandal.

The previous Run it back bundle was released when Episode 2 ended. The skin was available from June 22–July 8.

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