Minecraft One Block Challenge: Challenge Your Limits

Minecraft One Block Challenge
Minecraft One Block Challenge

Minecraft One Block! The best and possibly the hardest map created by Minecraft. It is a map that tests the ability of players to work under pressure. And the pressure is here of not falling into the void. Even a wrong one step can lead to the loss of all good, forever. Thus the Minecraft One Block Challenge is very hard.

However, this challenge is not that much complicated as it seems. When you have the right information and the right set of skills. You can conquer this map very easily. Moreover, some of you, who still have less Knowledge about the Minecraft One Block Challenge. Then read ahead, because after this you will have no problems With One Block.

What is Minecraft One Block Challenge?

Minecraft One Block Challenge
House in Minecraft One Block Challenge

Just like any other challenge. This challenge also has the same old criteria. And once you fulfill those demands, you automatically win or complete the challenge. If you wonder that what are those Demands, then these are-

Just like these, there are a few more depending upon the player’s choice. Moreover, the Minecraft one Block Challenge is the same. You have to perform the same tasks as these to get the Challenge Completed.Β 

How to Play Minecraft One Block Challenge?

This Minecraft Challenge is very easy. You will spawn on a Single Block. Then you will start to break it. We know, that it sounds stupid. But trust us, that is the only way to progress in the Challenge. So, when you break the Block underneath you, a new block will spawn and take its place.Β 

This whole process will continue and Blocks will change according to the biomes. There will be 10 phases, and 10 times the phase will change until you reach the End Phase.Β These 10 Phases will be-

      1. Plains
      2. Caves
      3. Winter
      4. Village
      5. Oceans
      6. Jungle Dungeons
      7. Desert
      8. Nether
      9. Undefined
      10. End Phase.

So all these phases are there in the Minecraft One Block Challenge. And after completing all these Phases. You Enter the End Phase, where you kill the Ender Dragon.

What to Keep in Mind

Minecraft One Block Challenge
Falling into Void

While playing this challenge. You must be calm and patient. Even a slight mistake can cost you a lot. Another thing that you must keep in mind is that there are Monster parties spawning in every Phase. So stay away from them and try to kill them from far.

One more thing is to have Generators in the Minecraft one Block Challenge. As this world is literally a block. So all you be depending on will be Farms and Automatic Generators. If you Have any doubt please get them cleared in the Comments. We hope that these details were useful to you. And to get more information like this. Follow Moroesports onΒ Facebook,Β Instagram.

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