How to Setup a Beacon in Minecraft Version 1.17?

Get all the information on how to use the beacon in Minecraft from our experts.

So, you have made decent progress in the Minecraft world. You are now looking for new adventures and dangers in the game. Then try to make a Beacon in Minecraft. I am sure that this will test all your strength, patience, Presence of Mind, and ability to come out of difficult situations. Even the bests are unable to do it. As it is so hard.

The Beacon in Minecraft is actually a device that grants you powers and abilities but beware. Because this journey of making and using a beacon will take you to such dark dimensions, where the screams of undead haunt. The valleys filled with such dangers, enough to make a grown man want to quit. If you are ready, then here are the details:

How to Setup a Beacon in Minecraft?

setup a beacon in minecraft

A beacon in Minecraft is a device rather than a relic that grants you SUPERPOWERS. It is a piece of glass with a Neon-Blue substance in it. The beacon is acquired by killing a wither. Well, it is not that easy. First, you have to get a Nether Star for it.

Get a Nether Star in Minecraft:

To get a Nether Star and to make a Beacon in Minecraft, you have to suffer a lot. To get the star, you have to Kill Wither Skeletons and get 3 Wither Heads. Now you will think that is easy, but let me tell you that it takes sometimes hours for Wither Skeletons to drop 1 Wither Head. And you are there to get 3! So, Better luck.

nether star minecraft

Tip- Use A sword with Looting-III to get the heads faster.

Once you get the 3 Wither Heads, your next step is to make a Wither. To make a wither, place soul sand/soil in a T shape. And place each head on the upper 3 blocks. The orientation doesn’t,t matter. You can either make the T horizontal or Vertical. when you place the 3 heads the wither will spawn. Kill it, and you will get a Nether Star for a Beacon in Minecraft.

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How to Craft a Beacon:

Once you get the Nether star, then you are somewhat sorted. To craft a beacon you will need 3 Blocks of Obsidian and 5 Blocks of Glass. You can use any color for the glass. Place the Nether star in the middle slot of the crafting table. Put 3 obsidian as its base and 5 Glasses as the cover. So, a beacon in Minecraft is ready. But can you use it alone, no?

Activating a Beacon in Minecraft:

To activate a beacon you need Blocks of Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, and Netherite. You have to place the beacon on either 3×3, 5×5, 7×7, and 9×9 block platforms. The beacon is powered in levels. So-

  • 3×3 is the first layer of Blocks and it activates the beacon in Minecraft and unlocks the first level.
  • 5×5 is the second layer of blocks and it unlocks the second level of power.
  • The 7×7 layer unlocks the third power level.
  • And the 9×9 Block layer unlocks the second power slot which can be used with the first power simultaneously.

Remember: The power of the beacon depends on the layers and not on the blocks used. So you can use different blocks together.

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Acquiring the Power of Beacon in Minecraft:

A beacon in Minecraft has  5 options-Speed, Haste, Resistance, Jump Boost, or Strength as the primary power and Regeneration as the option under secondary power. The primary options are simultaneous with the number of layers you build. To activate them, just add one iron ingot, gold ingot, diamond, or emerald into the empty slot and click the activate option.

Limit of Beacon:

The power obtained using the beacon will remain in the inventory and have 16 seconds cool down. The power will reapply itself again after 16 seconds if you are in the range of the beacon in Minecraft. When you go out of the beacon’s range your power-ups will end after 16 seconds.

You can use multiple beacons to get multiple power-ups.

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