Minecraft Solar Eclipse Mod: Can You Survive?

Learn all about the solar apocalypse mod in Minecraft and the ways to survive it.

minecraft solar eclipse mod
There are a lot of things in Minecraft that can entertain you for very long. However, if you are fed up with the daily grind that you are doing. Then you can add special add-ons to the game to make it more interesting. Yes, we are talking about the Minecraft solar eclipse mod. We have the best Mod for you.

For you guys, we have “The Solar Apocalypse Mod in Minecraft or the Minecraft solar eclipse mod”. It is a Mod that drains your energy, both Physically and Mentally. From the first day where everything seems to be normal to the last day where everything, every hope will seem to lose. We will tell you everything, so hold on t your screens.:-

How Does This Mod in Minecraft Work?

Minecraft Solar Eclipse Mod

This Mod is specifically designed to tear your world apart by setting up your world on fire. This apocalypse Mod just last for seven days, at Max. Before it seriously decides to vanish you from your world. The Solar Apocalypse Mod or Minecraft solar eclipse mod has different phases:-

  • Ist Phase:- This phase doesn’t have anything interesting or unusual in it. The Ist phase has the basic things that a normal world has when you spawn for the first time. Well, that is obvious because you don’t want yourself to be dead on the first day. It lasts for 1-2 days.
  • IInd Phase:- The IInd phase is where you begin to effects of this Mod in Minecraft. In this phase, you will see that the grass around you will start to disappear. The Topsoil will have nothing but dirt exposed in the second phase. Moreover, the trees will have their leaves disappeared. Resulting in trunks being left to decay. It happens for 2 days only, just after the Ist Phase ends.
  • IIIrd Phase:- Here, the effects of the Apocalypse Mod in Minecraft become critical. When the IIIrd phase starts, you will notice that the water in the ponds and rivers that are exposed to the sunrays, evaporates. It completely becomes dry. Only the water that is in the shades or in wells will remain unaffected by the mod in Minecraft. This phase starts around the 5th day.
  • IVth Phase:- This is the last phase. And here is where this Mod in Minecraft’s doomsday becomes the worst for you if you have a weak heart. With everything gone, like the topsoil, leaves, and water. You are left with the villagers and the Farm Mobs, or are you? Well on the 7th or the last day, when the sun rays will hit the ground and you. Everything that is flammable will start burning. The wood used in the houses, The tree trunks, The villages, the Mobs, and you too. Everything will burn down to ash!

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How to Survive this Mod in Minecraft?

minecraft solar eclipse mod

Well, then you have the question that “how you suppose to survive this horrible, life-taking, deadly event”. To ensure you, this mod has its own survival kit and few tricks to survive this, such as:

  1. Glasses: Well, there are a lot of different types of glasses that can protect you from this harmful Mod in Minecraft. Also, we want to mention that these glasses are completely different from the primitive glasses that you are used to crafting in normal Minecraft. The types of glasses are below:
  • Obsidian glass- This is the first glass you want to build. You can craft these glasses by having one obsidian and 8 glasses around that obsidian on the crafting table. They have no texture to them. And if you are in any kind of shelter made by this glass, you will have no effects of the Mod in Minecraft.
  • Reinforced Glass- Well this is another glass that you can use to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the deadly sun on the last phase. You can craft this glass using 5 Nether Quartz and 4 Obsidian Glasses as Shown below:
  • Nether Glass- This is probably the craziest glass to build in the entire list, because of the fact that it uses a whole Nether star in its recipe. In the solar apocalypse Mod in Minecraft, you can craft this glass using 1 Nether, 3 Obsidians, 4 Nether Quartz, and 1 Reinforced Glass. So this is really expensive.
  • Powered Glass- So this glass is unique and can craft using 2 iron ingots, 3 Redstone dust, 2 gold ingots, 1 Redstone block, and 1 obsidian glass. Well, this glass can protect you and at the same time can power your electrical devices during the solar apocalypse Mod in Minecraft.

Disclaimer: The strength of each of the glasses is the same, so it doesn’t matter which one you use to protect yourself.

2. Solar Sensor: 

Unlike the daylight in Normal Minecraft, these solar sensors work completely differently. They sense when the sun is in the sky and can send signals to the appliance, to alert you about the deadly sun.

3. Ground/Shade Bunkers:

Another way to protect yourself is to hide in a shaded or in an underground bunker. Due to the fact that the harmful sunrays cannot hit you in these areas, it is best to make a bunker or base there. And you can use the solar sensor to tell you about the timing when the sun is out or not. So you can come out in the night as well if you want that during the solar apocalypse mod in Minecraft.

You can also watch the video below to know how to do it:

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