What are Viewership Rewards in Brawlhalla?

How do the Viewership Rewards work in Brawlhalla? What are they? And how to redeem them? FInd out everything about them below.

brawlhalla viewership rewards esports v2 colors
Esports V2 Colors

Viewership Rewards in Brawlhalla: Basically, viewership rewards are the rewards from Brawlhalla to support their awesome community. They do this by often hosting Brawlhalla streams with the developers, a professional player, or even during official esports events. Find all the details on Viewership Rewards in Brawlhalla including how they work and how you can redeem them.

What are Viewership Rewards in Brawlhalla?

Brawlhalla has its own currency which goes by the name of Mammoth Coins. Although, you’ll have to buy them before you can actually spend them. Generally, this isn’t possible for all skins that you want in-game. Hence, Brawlhalla introduced the Viewership Rewards that you can get from just watching their streams.

These rewards include Limited Edition skins, emotes, weapon skins, and cosmetic items. And who wouldn’t actually want to claim them for free? So, how actually do the Viewership Rewards work?

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How do Viewership Rewards Work in Brawlhalla?

Brawlhalla Community Colors
Brawlhalla Community Colors

The system for Viewership Rewards only works for Twitch as of now. You can’t access it anywhere else, so YouTube watch time doesn’t count either. While watching the stream on Twitch make sure that you’ve logged in to save your progress on different tracks.

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Note that you’ll gain points for each track which will unlock you different levels. At each level, you’ll get a different reward. You’re rewarded with 5 points per 5 minutes, and yes that adds up to 1 point per minute but the rewards are noted after every 5 minutes.

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Levels on Tracks:

Each track will have a different set of rewards (generally they’re different but they can even be the same sometimes). You’ll level up as you gain points whilst watching the stream.


On the tab beside Levels of each track, you’ll have an inventory. This inventory consists of all the rewards you’ve managed to claim so far in the Viewership Rewards. It won’t matter even if you claim them later on unless you’ve given access to your account to someone else.

Viewership Reward Tracks:

There are different kinds of tracks every week in Brawlhalla. Although, you won’t always have a new stream start with new rewards for the viewers. If you miss a track there isn’t a way to make progress on it again. Your points will only count in the current track running for the current stream.

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This is all about how the Viewership Rewards in Brawlhalla work.

In order to redeem these rewards, all you have to do is go to your Brawlhalla account. Go to ->Store->Redeem Code and enter the code from your Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards Track.

Some of the Notable Viewership Rewards in Brawlhalla recently:

Esports Colors
Esports Colors
  • Esports v.2 Colors
  • Esports Colors
  • Imperial Rocket
  • Community Colors
  • Pizza Taunt
  • Salt Taunt

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