Fortnite Item Shop Live: Rare Hitchhiker Emote and Cyber Infiltration Pack!

What is in the Fortnite Item Shop today? The rare Cyber Infiltration Pack is now available to buy, and we have the mysterious Hitchhiker emote. Know about both of them below.

fortnite item shop live

Fortnite Item Shop Live:¬†Today in the Fortnite Item Shop we have some of the rare skins in Fortnite. Including some of the rare emotes as well. Furthermore, we also have the Anime Bundles back in the shop! We’ll tell you everything about the Cyber Infiltration Pack (Anime Bundle), the rare Hitchhiker Emote, and all the items of Fortnite Item Shop today on 16th August 2021.

What is Live in the Fortnite Item Shop Today?

Featured Items:

featured items in fortnite item shop today

Firstly for the featured skins, we have Siren (Rare), Wolf, and Boardwalk Ruby (Rare) skins. Siren and Wolf are from the Hit Squad from Chapter 2 Season 2. Fortnite introduced Boardwalk Ruby during Chapter 2 Season 7.

Furthermore, the Grimoire (Epic), Peekaboo (Epic), and Nite Nite (Epic) Skins are another part of the featuring items from the Season 5 Party Parade. With them, we also have the Go Mufasa and Jabba Switchway emotes.

Daily Items for the Fortnite Item Shop Live:

The dude (Epic) from the Free Guy set is still in the Item Shop. Recon Ranger (Uncommon) and Goldie (Rare) from Chapter 1 Season 10 and Goldie from Chapter 2 Season 2 are also some of the daily skins.

You can also grab the really amazing Mime Time (Rare) emote from Season 6. The Hitchhiker (Rare) emote from Chapter 1 Season 5 is making its 5th appearance today in the Fortnite Item Shop. It is a really really rare emote since it has only 5 appearances in a whopping 4 years. Our thoughts? Get your hands on it if you can! It’s a collectible.

Guardians of Galaxy Bundles:

Buy the Gamora and Star-Lord Bundles if you’re a fan of Guardians of Galaxy before they disappear from the Fortnite Item Shop.

Players are also eagerly waiting for Among Us to be in Fortnite very soon. Will it really be true?

The Rare Cyber Infiltration Pack (Limited Time):

cyber infiltration pack fortnite
Cyber Infiltration Pack Fortnite

The Cyber Infiltration Pack from 9th March 2021 is making its appearance once again. It really is a rare Pack and you should definitely get it if you can.

This pack will have the Chigusa, Megumi, and Yuki Skins. Their Back blings are the Watchful Wabbit, Guard Pup, and H4ck//P4ck. You can also buy their pick-axes separately if you want to which will have the Cutting Words, Rebel Authority, and Sl1c3//D1c3. all of these are Rare in Fortnite.

Since the Anime Bundle is making an appearance, many are also speculating the Naruto or the Goku Skin to be here very soon. What are your thoughts on this? Do comment down below.

This is all for the Fortnite Item Shop Live today. For more such Item Shop coverage and content you can follow us here. We will provide you with quality content and the latest news for Fortnite all the time. Until Next Time!

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