The Batman Who Laughs Joins Fortnite, Exiting the DC Universe

the batman who laughs
07/01/2024| The Batman Who Laughs’ reign in Fortnite poses an imminent threat to the Omniverse, underscoring the consequences of underestimating formidable adversaries.| Credits: Fortnite

In the recent Batman/Fortnite: Future Foundation 1, the infamous The Batman Who Laughs makes a startling entrance onto Fortnite Island. Originating from a reality where Batman succumbed to an irreversible strain of Joker Venom, this villain stands as one of the darkest in the multiverse. With powers rivaling cosmic forces like Perpetua from Dark Nights: Death Metal, he nearly caused the collapse of all realities, intending to replace them with his malevolent creations. Despite his defeat by Wonder Woman and a coalition of heroes and villains, the Batman Who Laughs has resurfaced. Now aligned with Lex Luthor and Fortnite’s Imagined Order, he has traversed the rift from the DC Universe to Fortnite’s reality, seeking the powerful Zero Point.

The Batman Who Laughs: Unleashed Malevolence and Underestimated Threat

Foundation 1 unveils the Justice League defending the rift against a supervillain onslaught orchestrated by Lex Luthor. Batman allies with the Foundation, combating Doctor Slone’s Imagined Order. Yet, the Batman Who Laughs infiltrates by posing as Batman, leaping into the rift, with the Foundation sealing it behind them. Batman sees this as a win, believing the loop will neutralize the villain, unaware of the Batman Who Laughs’ visor’s unique properties sustaining his memory. The Foundation’s belief in containing the Batman Who Laughs is shattered when his visor, composed of the World Forge akin to the Zero Point, maintains his memory. A paradise to the villain, Fortnite Island becomes his playground, his malevolent agenda now targeting the entire Omniverse.

The Batman Who Laughs’ Ongoing Threat and Underestimated Cunning
Batman and the Foundation underestimated the Batman Who Laughs, setting a catastrophic stage for the future. The malevolent figure, now unrestricted on Fortnite Island, plans to harness Zero Point’s power to corrupt the entire Omniverse, transcending multiverses. While the narrative will likely progress within Fortnite’s gameplay and possibly future DC Comics one-shots, players can embody the Batman Who Laughs, now available as a Fortnite skin. The ongoing saga implies the far-reaching implications of the Batman Who Laughs’ uncontained power and the consequences of underestimating such a formidable adversary.

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Analysis and Speculation

The return of the Batman Who Laughs showcases his unparalleled cunning, evading containment and leveraging cosmic artifacts to sustain his sinister campaign. His newfound freedom poses a significant threat, considering his access to a reality-altering entity like the Zero Point. Batman’s miscalculation of the Batman Who Laughs’ resilience sets the stage for potential catastrophic consequences. Underestimating the villain’s foresight in securing his memory undermines efforts to contain his malevolence. The malevolent figure’s intent to corrupt the Omniverse by harnessing Zero Point’s power highlights the scale of his ambition. The World Forge’s similarity to the Zero Point enables the Batman Who Laughs to retain memory, granting him unprecedented freedom on Fortnite Island

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.As the saga unfolds within Fortnite’s evolving narrative and potentially future DC Comics releases, the unchallenged reign on Fortnite Island implies dire ramifications for the Omniverse’s stability and the heroes’ struggle to contain his unchecked power. Players can engage with this evolving narrative by embodying the Batman Who Laughs in Fortnite, highlighting the integration of storyline elements into the gaming experience and reinforcing the impact of the character’s ongoing narrative within the game’s universe.


The unchecked dominance of Batman on Fortnite Island presents an imminent threat, holding grave implications for the entire Omniverse. This ongoing confrontation underscores the intricate challenges and repercussions stemming from underestimating such a potent adversary within Fortnite’s expansive narrative. The struggle against this malevolent force amplifies the intricate dynamics and profound consequences that arise when confronting a formidable foe within the diverse realms of Fortnite.

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