Patch Notes for Fortnite Battle Royale December 16: Medallion Nerfs & Weapon Adjustments

Fortnite Patch Notes
Dec 17, 2023 | Fortnite patch notes |

Fortnite fans are experiencing an overload of excitement with the arrival of December Patch notes. With the addition of three ongoing game modes—LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival—the game’s terrain has grown. The community is paying attention to these new game types, but the core of Fortnite Battle Royale is still beating strong. To improve the Battle Royale experience, Epic Games, the creators of the Fortnite phenomenon, just released a big upgrade. A detailed examination of the patch notes for the December 16th release can be found here.

Patch notes on Medallion Metamorphosis:

A focal point of this update revolves around a metamorphosis in the functionality of Medallions, introducing a fresh dynamic to how players strategize and engage in battles.

  1. Flowberry Fortification:

    • Flowberries, the staple of shield augmentation, now bestow even more protective energy, encouraging players to seek out and consume these valuable resources strategically.
  2. Medallion Modifications:

    • The circle denoting a Medallion holder has undergone a downsizing makeover, subtly shifting the dynamics of identifying potential threats on the battlefield.
    • Medallions now embrace a momentary delay before initiating shield regeneration. Additionally, there’s a slight reduction in regeneration rates, and the days of an automatic 100% Shield refill are now a relic of the past. A strategic approach to shield management becomes imperative, especially for those who’ve collected all five Medallions.
    • Holding multiple Medallions amplifies the potential shield refill, creating an intriguing layer of decision-making for players.


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Weaponry in Flux:f

  1. Ranger Pistol Reinforcement:

    • The Ranger Pistol receives a boost in potency, with increased damage, making it a more formidable choice in the arsenal.
  2. Shield Breaker EMP Empowerment:

    • The Shield Breaker EMP, a disruptive force on the battlefield, sees a surge in damage, offering players a more impactful utility.
  3. Ballistic Shield Pistol Boost:

    • Ballistic Shield pistol enthusiasts will be pleased to note a bump in damage, making this defensive weapon a more viable option in combat scenarios.
  4. Snowball Launcher Reduction:

    • The mag size of the Snowball Launcher experiences a reduction, possibly tempering its dominance in certain situations.
  5. Thunder Burst SMG Augmentation:

    • On the flip side, the Thunder Burst SMG witnesses a mag size increment, providing players with more sustained firepower during engagements.
  6. Reaper Sniper Rarity Restriction:

    • The Reaper Sniper Rifle, known for its precision and potency, undergoes a rarity adjustment with a reduced drop rate, making it a rarer find on the battlefield.
  7. Striker AR Dampening:

    • The Striker AR, a staple for many players, encounters a damage reduction, necessitating a reevaluation of its role in loadout selections.

Glimpses of the Future:

These alterations, meticulously woven into the fabric of Fortnite Battle Royale, are a testament to Epic Games’ commitment to refining the gaming experience. The landscape is ever-evolving, and with the promise of more balance changes on the horizon next week, players are urged to stay vigilant for further updates. Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 continues to evolve, ensuring that the Battle Royale mode remains a dynamic and engaging platform for players worldwide.

In the ever-shifting tapestry of Fortnite, where each update brings a wave of changes, the community eagerly anticipates how these adjustments will shape the meta and influence gameplay strategies. As the virtual battlegrounds witness transformations, players must adapt and strategize to stay ahead in the quest for Victory Royales.

Fortnite aficionados, fasten your seatbelts – the journey through Chapter 5 Season 1 promises to be a rollercoaster of surprises, challenges, and, most importantly, unbridled fun. Keep your eyes peeled for the next wave of changes, and may your drops be ever in your favor!

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