Where To Find And Defeat Riot in Fortnite: Complete Details

Defeat Riot in Fortnite
New Weekly Challenge in Fortnite

Defeat Riot in Fortnite: Week 7 of Fortnite is here with some new weekly challenges and missions. Players have to find and defeat the riot in the new mission of Fortnite in order to receive an epic quest.  As we all know the new season is based on the alien theme and their invasion and Riot is one of the many NPCs which are scattered on the map.

So, here are all the details regarding this new weekly mission which will help you to get your rewards from the battle pass.

Find And Defeat Riot in Fortnite: Everything You Need to Know

Defeat Riot in Fortnite
How to defeat Riot in Fortnite?

The weekly missions of the 7th season in Fortnite are quite tough to complete as there is something new in the legendary and epic quest items. In one of the missions, the players are asked to find the parenting books in order to evolve the alien eggs.

The battle royale game Fortnite tries to introduce these kinds of missions to keep their players engaged and attached to the game. Moreover, the battle pass players have to complete these missions in order to collect their rewards.

There is only one location till now where players can find the Riot and defeat him in Fortnite. Furthermore, make sure you’re all ready to take a fight with him as he can send to the lobby and defeat you too. So, in order to face him, get all ready before going head to head against him.

Riot can be found on the west side of the yellow bridge which is located between Misty Meadow and Catty Corner. Players can land directly to the spot from the bus. Additionally, make sure you have the gun to take a fight against him.

How To Complete the Challenge?

Riot Location
Location to find Riot in Fortnite

Make sure to land near the location to defeat the riot in Fortnite. Also, don’t forget to wear a shield as his aim can send you to the lobby. Additionally, land near the Riot Camp and collects the items for yourself. And, then face him with getting already.

Another method is to land near the south of the location, where you will find an IO Base. Furthermore, get the shields and weapons and find a car. You can use the can to run over him and send him off.

So, these were all the details regarding the new mission. Players can find and defeat the Riot to collect 45k XP points in Fortnite.

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