How to Get Armor Sets in Remnant 2: Complete Guidelines

how to get Remnant 2 armor sets
Starting from the light to the ultra-heavy armor check complete guidelines on how to get Remnant 2 armor sets. | Credit: Remnant 2.

This year Gunfire Games launched numerous new armor sets in the Remnant 2 ecosystem. Now, the count is 26, and all the sets are different & unique from each other. And divided into four categories – ultra-heavy, heavy, medium, or light.

Starting from the light Elder set to the ultra-heavy Leto Mark II armor. You can unlock by default, by unlocking classes like the Archon and Summoner, or another way. We provide you with complete guidelines on how to get Remnant 2 armor sets.

List & How to Get Remnant 2 armor sets

Light Armor Sets

Elder set

  • Remnant 2 Deluxe or Ultimate Edition holders can get this armor set for free. ( Price: Deluxe Edition – $59.99+ and Ultimate Edition – $69.99+)
  • Another way, completing the campaign and then buying it from the Whispers. 
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 Bandit’s Set 

  • This light armor set is available after beating the game, restarting the campaign after the credits, and checking with Whispers you can purchase Bandit’s Set.

Medium Armor Sets

Academic’s Set

  • Academic’s set is the first armor set in the Alchemist archetype class.
  • Found on a body in Tiller’s Rest Monster in the Drain event or The Great Sewers, in the Losomn map.

Battle Set (New)

  • Exclusive armor set in the Remnant 2 The Freedom Kingdom DLC (streaming).
  • To get it, in the Proving Grounds Dungeon finish the whole dungeon and flushing water to the bottom level. Then returned to the first dart room and landed in the newly revealed room. The body will appear at the exit of the room. 
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Heavy Armor Sets

Bruiser Set

  • Bruiser Set, default armor set starting in the Challenger Archetype class.
  • You can purchase it by Whispers in Ward 13.

Crimson Guard Set

  • The brand-new armor set launched in Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC.
  • Get it by killing The One True King in the game.
  • Other than this you can give three coins to the Red Prince at the Gilded Chambers and more you speak to the Red King at the Chamber of the Faithless.

Radiant Set

  • Similar to the Elder set players obtain the Radiant set by purchasing Deluxe or Ultimate Edition.
  • However, you can get it by completing the campaign and buying an armor set from Whispers.

Fae Royal Set

Remnant 2: How to get Fae Royal Armor Set (Best Medium Armor)
byu/Krazyflipz inremnantgame

  • The Fae Royal armor set is obtainable just by finishing the mini-game in Postulant’s Parlor, Losomn, and winning it. Then one of the armor sets the door open to collect it.
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Ultra Heavy Armor Sets

Leto Mark II Set

  • This ultra-heavy set is located inside Leto’s Stash in Ward 13. This requires you to use a portal in The Labyrinth, and the Biome Portal Key, which you get from The Keeper after destroying the Labyrinth.

In the article, we mentioned some of the major sets and tips on how to Remnant 2 armor sets in detail. There is plenty of other information about the armor sets, if to know check out the best five Remnant 2 Armor sets 2024.