League of Legends Patch Notes: New 11.14 Patch

Find all the League of Legends patch notes here. Read until the end to find out all about the 11.14 Patch in League of Legends.

League of Legends New Season pbe 11.14 Patch Notes
League of Legends

League of Legends Patch Notes: With many adjustments to the LoL 11.13 patch, the Mobility and Tahm Kench Mini Rework are lowered; nerves to the greatest things in the gameplay. There is still a lot left in the 11.13 patch that will take place on 11.14. On 14th June, Mark Yetter (game director) tweeted, “This is a very big system patch.” Here you’ll be able to find the League of Legends 11.14 new season is Patch Notes.

No new champion changes have been revealed yet. Rather one of the headline features introduced a new event called “ Rise of the Sentinels.
The event focuses on the battle between Sentinels of Light and the Ruined King. Summer Split has got Riot with a taste of pro play.

The developers are finally pulling the mobility reduction across many systems, including seventeen items and runes. Two new updates that are coming soon are “ Hullbreaker” and “ Anathema’s Chains.”

New emotes, and new summoner Icons will be available soon in PBE, including Sentinel Irelia, Sentinel Riven, Sentinels of Light Event Icon, Ruined Draven Icon, and the night hunter sentinel icon.

Release Date and Down Time of League of Legends Patch Notes

According to the patch 2021 schedule, League of Legends patch 11.14 will go live on July 8, 2021 Thursday. The maintenance time hasn’t been confirmed. Usually, it begins at 3 AM PT for NA servers, 5 AM UK time for EUW servers, and lasts for approximately three hours.

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“ Ultimate Spellbook ” New game mode

League of Legends 11.14 Patch Notes
League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook

Ultimate Spellbook, re-enabling the new game mode, receives a new PBE update. Also, it introduces Lulu’s R as an “ Ulternate” Summoner, new unique icons, and the Dragon UI tooltips.

We can also expect numerous bug patches and balancing modifications. The developers have currently disabled Kayn’s R until further notice. Additionally, Lulu R is also available now as an Alternate Summoner along with Dragon UI. It has its own unique icons with tooltips.

Bug fixes include Dragon Soul: fixes including “ Perma revive” and “ perma death.” They have also removed many weird animation breaks and t-poses. Cleanse replaces with clarity on the mode. Ashe R doesn’t get maximum stun duration irrespective of the range.

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Summoner Ult Buffs and Nerfs from League of Legends Patch Notes

League of Legends Patch Notes
League of Legends Buffs Champions

Bard R:45 Bonus Ability Haste( from 35) and Zoe R. Mark Yetter talking about, also added Ult Nerfs, Amumu R, Lissandra, and Olaf. Amumu: 60% ratios down from 80%, Lissandra 10 Bonus Ability down from 20. Olaf R 20 (from 35) bonus ability hate down.

Champion Skins

It includes Ruined Pantheon, Ascended Pantheon Prestige Edition, Sentinel Diana, Sentinel Irelia, Sentinel Olaf, Sentinel Riven, and Sentinel Vayne.

New chroma sets

It includes Ruined Karma, Ruined Shyvana, Ruined Draven, Ruined Pantheon (9 Chromas), Sentinel Diana (9 Chromas), Sentinel Irelia (9 Chromas), Sentinel Olaf (9 Chromas), and Sentinel Vayne (9 Chromas).

Summoner Icons

Sentinels of Light Event, Sentinels of Light Pass, Sentinels of Light Prestige Points Icon, Ascended Pantheon Prestige Edition Icon, The Night Hunter Sentinel, The Blade Dancer Sentinel, The Moon Sentinel, The Exile Sentinel, and The Berserker Sentinel.

This concludes the League of Legends New Season is Patch Notes. You can know more about the 11.13 patch notes of League of Legends here.

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