Vander LOL: Vander One of The Best Player at League of Legends?

Want to know more about League of legend player Vander? Here is an article.

Vander Lol
Vander during his Schalke days

Vander LOL: Oskar “Vander” Bogdan is one of the most experienced players in League of Legends history. He is a Polish player who used to play for teams like H2K and FC Schalke 04 Esports. Moreover, he has appeared for more than 15 teams in his 10 years career. Earlier, he used to play for team Rogue and later joined Misfit Gaming in December 2020.

Vander LoL: Everything You Need To Know About the Legend of League of Legends

Vandar Lol
One of the best support player in LoL

Oskar Vander started playing League of Legends in his early days and joined the competitive scene in 2011. Furthermore, he was a part of Deltaeports, and then he moved to Team Elohell in 2012. Moreover, his first big team was team H2K. Vander joined H2K in 2013 and left the team just after two months to join GF Gaming.

Later on, Vander again joined H2K in 2015 and stayed there for more than 2 years. Moreover, he won several awards and tournaments with the team and that team is considered one of the best in Vander LoL career.

Vander is considered as one of the best support players in League of Legends. Additionally, his plays at the time of H2K were insane. In the EU LCS Spring 2016, Vander was awarded two times as the player of the week. Also, his team was the 3rd All-Pro Team at the EU LCS Spring 2016. 

Vander league of legends
Polish Player Vander

Vander joined team Rogue in the Feb of 2019. Furthermore, his spell at Team Rogue didn’t go as expected and soon he left for team Misfit gaming. Vander joined Kobbe and Razork for the 2021 season of LOL at Misfit gaming.

Currently, Vander is one of the best support players in the league of legends and is also one of the most experienced players in the competitive scene. Furthermore, he started playing League of legends from season 2 and is one of the oldest players to grind the game.

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