opgg: The Trademark of LoL Stats

opgg is a website that tracks almost all the summoners in LoL. They have a vast database and maybe the only solely trusted ones. Know more about their site here.

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League of Legends

opgg is a Seoul-based website that literally has the best Stats, Leaderboards, Community, Pro-matches details about League of Legends. Also having a mobile application that works for opgg LoL, PUBG and, Overwatch. 34 million Global Users have used since it released in January 2013. download can also be done on a phone.

Attributes Worth Mentioning of opgg: is the most popular website for tracking your favorite legends in League of Legends. The database is really vast and has covered tons of information in the past. It has become a widely used database for League of Legends. Let us discuss some of its attributes in brief:

1) Champions Ranking

There is a vast database of all the Champions. Also, you can rank them by using their filters for their Win rate, Pick Rate, and Ban rates. Furthermore, the classification is in an easy-to-use interface. You can also see the same in the Champion Stats to know about each legend in detail on opgg.

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2) Summoner’s Rankings

You can also see the Summoner’s rankings in a separate database. Summoners are ranked according to their matches won/lost their tier and win/loss ratio. All of which are essential to rank any player.

3) Pro Matches

op gg

This is also one of the best features of op gg where they offer you to watch each summoner. Spectate their live matches and matches that have happened in the past. Watch your favorite professional gameplay here.

4) Multi-search

This is quite a unique function of opgg in specific. Here you can search for multiple Summoners at the same time. Why is the feature cool? Most of the time when you want to know how summoners performed in the team you can just copy-paste their names there.

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Why should you Use This Website?

The aforementioned attributes were just some which are offered by opgg. Further, you can find much more such astonishing and easy-to-use features. This doesn’t stay limited to one region, you can get entire databases for different continents as well. Not only the Summoner’s data their win rate and rankings are also tracked. download is also available on play store.

Finally, the website opgg offers data for lol, Overwatch, PUBG etc. However, it has almost become a trademark for League of Legends. It is the sole trusted database for LoL.

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