Free Fire: Where to Find Best Loot on Kalahari Map?

Kalahari: Free Fire
Kalahari: Free Fire

Free Fire has emerged as one of the most popular battle royale game among players. It offers unique features like skin, weapons, character, pets, and much more. The game gets very competitive sometimes. So besides skills and strategy, players require a decent amount of loot to win. So selecting a good landing location will help you in the entire game.

There are three playable maps in Free Fire, namely- Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. Kalahari is one of the remarkable maps in the game. It is easy to figure out looting places in the Kalahari map. Let’s have a look at the exact locations in the Kalahari Desert to find the best loot.

1. Refinery: Kalahari, FreeFire

Refinery is right in the center of the map. So quite a number of players choose to drop here. Players need to land in, loot, and fight, then move to other locations quickly. That’s the strategy behind landing on the center. That said, get ready to face your enemies as others are also looking for the same advantages. So stay alert at all times.

2. Bayfront: Kalahari, Free Fire

The next location we have on the map is Bayfront. It is a vast location with numerous buildings on the land. Here players will get a decent amount of loot for the entire team.

3. Confinement: Kalahari, Free Fire

Confinement is located in the corner of the Kalahari map. Players will get a vast amount of loot here. This is a safe location, and you might discover only a few enemies. This location is very far away from the center of the map. So only a few players drop here.

Here you will find plenty of loot, armour, and hiding places. The above locations have high chances of close-combat fights. So these are the best locations for players who prefer to play aggressively. So you can land on the above places and start your journey to get the victory you deserve.

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Kalpana Nagpal
Kalpana Nagpal
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