How to Enable Crossplay in Remnant 2: Complete Guidelines

Remnant 2 Crossplay
Check the the platforms, and step-by-step guides to enable the Remnant 2 Crossplay option and enjoy the game with your friends | Credit: Remnant 2.

With the release of Remnant 2 (stream on) crossplay things do not exist in the game, But after waiting for a while and several post-launched updates. Finally, according to its most recent update, this multiplier game includes crossplay irrespective of their platform choices.

Remnant 2 – crossplay update [now enabled for all platforms]
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However, in the past Gunfire Games said they provide only limited crossplay between Xbox Games or Microsoft versions on Windows and Xbox series X|S. 

Here we explain to you how to enable crossplay in Remnant 2 which allows you to play this game with your friends without facing different platform issues. Along with the name of the platforms that allow you to enjoy Remnant 2.

How to Enable Crossplay in Remnant 2

To access Remnant 2 crossplay first make sure you have an Epic account (active). If you haven’t, it will be done with quick and easy steps on the character selection screen.

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This game allows crossplay via Playstation, Xbox, or Streams, other than this by its own servers like Exoprimal and co-op shooter. Players can also use the Epic game online services to play multiplayer games.

Note: As this game is an AA game or not AAA according to its budgets & scope, it is difficult to enable crossplay in Remnant 2. So, don’t skip any simple step and follow all the major or minor guidelines to play the game with your friends without any issues.

Step-By-Step Guideline for Remnant 2 Crossplay Access:

  • Connect Epic Account: Open Remnant 2 and then on the main menu, click Square on the chosen controller (Playstation or Xbox) to connect your Epic Games account to the game (the account should be activated if not then create a new one for crossplay).
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Note: It is not necessary to always connect your Epic Game accounts to play with your friends. if you both shared the same platform then it is not needed anymore.

  • Log in and Add Friends: After connecting, log in with your active Epic Games account. Now you can add your friends to play the game in co-op. Keep in mind that you need to add them via the Epic account only to share the friends list with them.
  • Access Friends List: Finally, once you link your Epic account you can easily access your friend’s list by clicking the Touchpad on the PlayStation controller or in the Xbox controller by pressing the view button.
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Move to the console players, for them crossplay in Remnant 2 is quite tricky. Other than this, if you are unable to watch your friend’s game in-game then there is an issue in settings and you both don’t match the settings. For that first check your ‘off’ to see other games.

Here we end! this article includes all the important details and information that players should know before playing Remnant 2 with their friends. Additionally, we make a list of the Best five Armor sets in Remnant 2 in 2024 that you can also check.