Free Fire Esports 2021: International Roadmap

Free Fire Esports 2021: International Roadmap
Free Fire Esports 2021: International Roadmap

Garena Free Fire has introduced the International Esports Roadmap 2021 today. Free Fire will host the two World series in April and November. Also, there will be one Free Fire All-stars tournament in July 2021. The developers believe that the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is going to be one of the largest and iconic sports tournament of the year.

Earlier, in Free Fire Continental series 2020, the game broke records with the Asia Series, where 2.5 million fans tuned in live. The America Series also had a peak of over 1.7 million live viewers. Also, the EMEA series brought 300,000 live viewers, which established new viewership records in the CIS and Middle East regions. The game was also the third most-watched game on YouTube, with 72 billion views in 2020.

Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021

The April edition of FFWS will start with play-ins on April 24, 2021, and end with the finals on May 1, 2021. Free Fire is continuously making efforts to expand their esports outreach throughout the world. Initially, there were 9 regions in their very first tournament, the Free Fire World Cup. Now, the sports community has grown to bring together 22 teams from 13 regions including Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Middle East and more. The April edition will feature a grand prize pool 0f $2 million, making it officially the largest Free Fire prize pool ever.

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New Logo for FFWS

Free Fire has also presented the brand new logo and format for Free Fire world series (FFWS) 2021. The new logo features an interlocking of “W” and “S”- the initials of “World Series” that are reminiscent of the flames from a burning torch – an emblem of hope, courage and vigour.


The Free Fire All-Stars will take place in July with top influences and players around the world. So fans are expecting plenty of exciting interactions and memorable moments from the upcoming tournament.

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