Why You Should Keep Vignette Valorant On, Working And Functions

Vignette Valorant
26/10/2023 | Learn about the Vignette setting in Valorant, why pro players are using it, and how it can help improve your focus in the game. | Valorant

Vignette Valorant: Riot’s Valorant is an FPS game where the video settings play a crucial role in improving one’s game. Moreover, there are different terms coined in the settings column, along with a very unique one named Vignette. Most of the players keep it off as they think it affects the visibility. But, in the recent few days, many pro players showcased that they keep this on.

So, why do Valorant professionals keep the vignette setting on in Valorant? Know more about it here.

What is Vignette in Valorant?

Vignette Valorant
Idle settings for casual players

Valorant is a game that provides its settings in every detail possible. Like, in case you don’t have a good PC, you can still enjoy the game by changing the given settings. There are several terms in the graphics quality of the setting bars such as Vsync, material quality, texture quality, multithreaded rendering, and many more.

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All these settings can be changed according to your visual need for the game. Like multithreaded rendering helps players to gain more FPS than usual by using all the cores available. Similarly, Vignette is also a term in the game settings which helps players to get more details in Valorant. First of let’s see how to turn it how and where to find it:

Step 1: Go to the settings on the top right corner

Step 2: Go to Video settings

Step 3: Click on Graphics qualify present in the middle

Step 4: Below UI quality and above Vsync, you’ll see Vignette Settings

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Step 5: You can turn it On/Off by clicking

Working And Functions

There is not a very big amount of change that Vignette possesses in your Valorant gameplay. It does make the edges of your screen a little dim. Meaning, that if it is turned off, you’ll find the same amount of brightness all over the screen. However, the edges will be a little dim, if you turn them on.

Recently, many players tried turning it on. One of the famous players of 100 Thieves, Hiko showed his getting and said he turned on Vignette. What it does is, help him to focus on the center more. Also, he cleared that most of the old players use this Vignette setting in Valorant for better focusing.

So, in case you are facing problems in focusing on the game screen, you can do this.