Who’s the Most Dateable Agents in Valorant? Fans Weigh In

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26/09/2023 | Valorant fans share their opinions on the most dateable agents in the game, sparking a playful debate on character personalities. | Credits: Valorant

In a surprising turn of events, the Valorant subreddit recently saw a discussion that diverged from the usual game-related topics. Instead, players took to the platform to share their thoughts on which Valorant agent they’d find the most dateable. This lighthearted conversation gave the community a chance to explore the personalities and traits of their favourite in-game characters in a new way.

What agent would you date.
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Jett: A Fan Favorite

One agent that seems to have captured the hearts of many Valorant players is Jett, the Korean speedster known for her flashy Operator plays. It’s not surprising to see her at the top of the list, considering how frequently she’s insta-locked during agent selection. Fans appreciate her fun personality, which is highlighted in the game’s cinematics. “Jett seems to have a fun personality, and so does Neon. Sage takes care of people, which is a big plus in my books,” commented one Reddit user.

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KAY/O: A Surprising Contender

While Jett takes the lead, another agent making waves in the dating discourse is KAY/O, the flashbanging robot. Fans seem to be drawn to his handsome appearance and pleasant voice. Interestingly, his abilities weren’t the primary reason some players chose him as their dateable agent. One user humorously stated, “Trust me, his ‘abilities’ are the last reason I chose him. He’s handsome, has a nice voice, and hates Reyna.”

Diverse Preferences

As with any discussion about dating and attraction, personal preferences play a significant role. While Jett and KAY/O garnered attention, other agents like Killjoy, the German scientist, and the edgy goth Fade also had their admirers. Each agent’s unique personality and traits seemed to resonate differently with Valorant players, highlighting the diversity of the game’s fanbase.

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Interestingly, some fan-favourite agents like Chamber (attractive, rich, French) and Brimstone (older, mature, well-built) didn’t receive as much attention in the discussion. This could be due to the evolving roster of agents in the game and how metas change over time, leading to different agents taking the spotlight.

A Light-Hearted Discussion

While this dating agent discussion may not be the typical fare on the Valorant subreddit, it provided players with a fun opportunity to explore the personalities of their favourite agents beyond their gameplay abilities. However, not everyone was equally enthusiastic about the topic, and some users found it to be a diversion from more serious game-related conversations. In the end, it was a playful and lighthearted thread that allowed Valorant fans to engage in some friendly banter.

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In the world of competitive FPS games like Valorant, players often become deeply invested in both the gameplay and the characters that make up the game’s universe. While the debate over the most dateable agent may not have any impact on the actual game, it’s a testament to the passionate and diverse community that surrounds Valorant.

As Valorant continues to evolve with the introduction of new agents and updates, the list of dateable agents may change, sparking fresh conversations and debates among fans of the game. In the meantime, players can continue to enjoy Valorant for its exciting gameplay and its ever-expanding roster of intriguing characters.

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