Top 5 Best Valorant Jett Players To Follow

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Valorant Jett

The Valorant esports scene has witnessed some incredible Jett players. Riot Games’ 5v5 tactical shooter game provides players with 15 different agents with a set of abilities. Jett is probably the best duelist agent to play with as an entry fragger. Using Jett in Valorant puts players in high-risked high reward scenarios. Mastering the agent is not a cup of tea. Jett provides mobility and a surprise peek advantage to the players in Valorant.

Hence, players can learn a lot of tricks and tips from these pro Jett players to excel in the game. Jett players can sometimes get creative by experimenting with the agent in Valorant.

Below are the top 5 Jett players to follow in Valorant.

Top 5 Jett Players To Follow In Valorant

#5 – Aceu

NRG Valorant Esports roster’s, Brandon “Aceu” Winn is known for his aggressive playstyle. He was mostly seen picking Jett in competitive matchmaking.

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Aceu’s aggressive play style allows him to dominate matches with Jett. He is best at taking peeks and taking the enemies down.

#4 – Poiz

Michael “poiz” Possis from Cloud9 Blue is one of the top pro-Jett players in North America. The player credits Tenz for inspiring him.

He is mostly an entry fragger, who is sometimes seen playing with the operator in matches. He remains one of the top 30 ranked players on the North American Valorant leaderboard.

Poiz does justice to the agent by playing effectively and experimenting with all of Jett’s abilities in Valorant.

#3 – SkRossi

Indian Valorant player Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar plays for the Global Esports team. He is probably the top Jett player in the Indian Valorant scene.

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SkRossi is deadly with the Operator and flicks. He is also great with Jett’s ultimate ability, Blade Storm.

The player knows it is best to hold a site with the duelist agent. SkRossi is also known for clutching matches effectively with the agent and is one of the most highly rewarded players on the team.

#2 – HowToNoodle

Valorant Content Creator, HowToNoodle is best known for experimenting with the agent. If there is any player who has messed with Jett’s Tailwind ability, then it’s him.

HowToNoodle has come up with Backdash and Superdash in Valorant, which has shaken the community and fans.

His insane Jett tricks and experimentation with the agent set him different from others.

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#1 – Tenz

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is one of the top Jett players in the international Valorant esports scene. The Canadian Valorant player is currently playing for Sentinels on loan from Cloud9 Blue.

Tenz is a Jett player who is known for his aggressive shotgun playstyle in competitive scenes.

These were the top 5 Jett players in the world you can follow to improve your gameplay. But we do not intend to miss any of your favorites. This list is according to recent performance and viewership. All of these creators stream and play eSports for their respective orgs, you can take notes and implement them in your gameplay.

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