Weibo Gaming Wins Week 1 of PEL 2023 Spring

Weibo Gaming Wins Week 1 of PEL 2023 Spring
14/02/2023/ Weibo Gaming Wins Week 1 of PEL 2023 Spring

Weibo Gaming won Week 1 of the PEL 2023 Spring on February 12 after putting forth impressive performances over the previous three days. With the help of three Chicken Dinners, the team scored 157 points from 15 games.

They had a sluggish start to the competition, as the team only just made it to the Weekly Finals after finishing 10th in Breakout (weekly first phase). It’s also important to note that this club just expanded their lineup with the additions of Suk and DaoShi.

Unexpectedly, Vision Esports was able to surpass numerous seasoned teams and claim second place with 147 points in Week 1. Order, a Chinese master, assisted Nova Esports in maintaining third place. This side’s performance on Day 1 wasn’t great, but the following day they came back after winning two consecutive Chicken Dinners.

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PEL 2023 Week 1 Finals overall standings

Here is the overall scoreboard for the Week 1 Finals:

  1. Team Weibo – 157 points
  2. Vision Esports – 147 points
  3. Nova Esports – 147 points
  4. Regans Gaming – 128 points
  5. LGD Gaming – 127 points
  6. Four Angry Men – 120 points
  7. Team Pai – 118 points
  8. The Chosen – 116 points
  9. Tong Jia Bao Esports – 116 points
  10. Titan Esports Club (TEC) – 116 points
  11. J Team – 110 points
  12. Six Two Eight (STE) – 105 points
  13. Action Culture Technology – 105 points
  14. Wolves Esports – 94 points
  15. KONE ESPORT – 62 points

PEL Spring 2023 Week 1 Highlights

By finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, with 128 and 127 points, RSG and LGD also managed to place in the top five. Four Angry Men, who finished ninth in PMGC 2022, scored 120 points without a Chicken Dinner and had a nice week to prepare for their forthcoming matches.

While the remaining teams will compete in Week 2 Breakout, the top five clubs have advanced to the PEL second weekly Finals. Several well-known teams, like Tianba and AG, were among the five who failed to qualify for the Week 1 Finals.

On Day 2, The Chosen gained some momentum as they won back-to-back Chicken Dinners in the sixth and seventh bouts. In the following six games, they were unable to keep up their form. After amassing 18 points in the 14th game, the team unexpectedly moved up to eighth position.

The third and final day of the competition ended up being fantastic for TEC since they scored 57 points in their last three games, which is about half of what this team had scored in their first 12 games.

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The team that Wolves Esports recruited to represent the defending champion finished 14th overall. Despite having a successful start to their season with a Chicken Dinner, they lost their momentum in later games and were defeated six times in a row without scoring a point.

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