Weibo Gaming Wins PEL 2023 Week 3 Finals

Weibo Gaming wins PEL 2023 Week 3 Finals
28/02/2023/ Weibo Gaming Wins PEL 2023 Week 3 Finals

Weibo Gaming‘s performance has considerably increased after veteran player Suk joined the team, and as a result, the squad has won two of the three weekly finals played so far in the PEL 2023 Spring. They executed brilliantly to win the PEL 2023 Week 3 Finals, scoring 156 points in 18 games.

Sina Gaming’s campaign got off to a successful and upbeat start as they won in the first week. The unit afterwards finished in third place the following week. The team has so far in this competition put up strong performances.

In their most recent game, Nova Esports scored 25 points and secured a significant victory. Sadly, they missed out on winning the weekly championship by five points. Compared to the previous two weeks, Jimmy and the company put up better performances. They performed quite well, and they were able to move up to third place in the first week. Nevertheless, the brigade’s performance dropped in the second week, which left them in 13th place.

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PEL 2023 Spring Week 3 Finals rankings

  1. Team Weibo – 156 points
  2. Nova Esports – 151 points
  3. Regans Gaming – 149 points
  4. LGD Gaming – 134 points
  5. All Gamers – 126 points
  6. Team PAl – 126 points
  7. KONE ESPORT – 122 points
  8. Four Angry Men – 112 points
  9. Vision Esports – 104 points
  10. ThunderTalk Gaming – 103 points
  11. The Chosen – 102 points
  12. JD Esports – 95 points
  13. Tianba – 94 points
  14. Six Two Eight – 94 points
  15. Titan Esports Club – 93 points

PEL 2023 Week 3 Highlights

RSG Gaming dominated the third day of the Week 3 Finals as the superstar team earned three Chicken Dinners. Despite their biased performance on the last day, the team came within seven points of winning the competition.

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On Day 2, LGD Gaming appeared assured and was ranked second overall, however, they suffered a loss in their final match of week 3. They finished fourth in the fight. In the third weekly finals, All Gamers and Team PAI finished fifth and sixth, respectively.

KONE ESPORT, who won PEL Week 2 that week, did not repeat that achievement, finishing in seventh position. Four Angry Men, who have 33Svan, a remarkable talent on their team, came in ninth this week. Six Two Eight came in second, followed by Tianba Esports in 13th place after gaining the lead position in Week 2 but struggling to battle.

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For two weeks in a row, the two well-known teams Wolves and TJB failed to get to the weekly finals. Showtime hasn’t taken part in any of the weekly finals either because of their unexpected results in each breakout round.

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