Valorant’s Patch 7.08 Sparks Debate Over Valorant Smoke Changes

Valorant smoke
16/10/2023 | Riot Games’ rumoured changes to Valorant smoke abilities spark a debate in the gaming community over skill ceiling impact. | Credits: Valorant

Valorant, the tactical first-person shooter from Riot Games, has been a game known for the perfect blend of gunplay and unique agent abilities. The agents come with a variety of abilities, including Valorant smoke, that can significantly impact gameplay. However, the gaming community is currently divided due to the rumoured changes in the handling of smoke abilities in the upcoming Patch 7.08.

The Essence of Valorant Smoke

In Valorant, smokes are a utility primarily used by the “Controllers,” a category of agents dedicated to obstructing sightlines. Smokes play a vital role in the game, providing opportunities for strategic plays, opening up chokepoints, and blocking vision to enable successful site takes. However, this could change with the reported smoke modifications in Patch 7.08.

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The Reported Valorant Smoke Changes

The leaked information about Patch 7.08 reveals significant adjustments to the way smokes function in Valorant. The changes involve the addition of a visual and audio cue that would precede the fading of the smokes. This alteration is intended to alert players when smoke is about to dissipate, providing them with an opportunity to reposition and avoid being exposed to enemies.

The time frame for these cues is set at 1.5 seconds before the smoke completely disappears. While these changes may appear to enhance gameplay clarity, they have left the Valorant community split over their impact.

Community Response to Valorant Smoke Changes

The reported smoke changes have garnered a mixed response from Valorant players. A significant portion of the community is concerned that these changes may reduce the skill ceiling of the game. In Valorant, predicting enemy positions through smokes has long been a test of a player’s reaction time and aiming accuracy. The element of uncertainty, where an enemy could be lurking on the other side of the smoke, added a layer of skill and thrill to the game.

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However, another segment of the community welcomes these proposed changes. Their argument is that smokes shouldn’t be a part of Valorant’s skill ceiling, as the game is primarily a shooter where precision and gunplay should shine. They believe that these changes will provide more clarity and a fairer playing field.

The Skill Ceiling Debate

The debate over Valorant’s skill ceiling has been ongoing. Recent patches have aimed at increasing the game’s difficulty level by making ultimates harder to activate and placing more value on other utilities. Some argue that introducing clear cues for dissipating smokes will make the game fairer, as players should rely on their aiming skills and reflexes to secure kills rather than uncertainties within smokes.

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While the changes to Valorant smoke abilities in Valorant’s Patch 7.08 aim to provide better clarity for players, they have ignited a fierce debate within the community. It remains to be seen how the changes will impact the overall gameplay experience and whether Riot Games will consider community feedback as they finalize these modifications. Valorant’s reputation as a tactical shooter known for its delicate balance between gunplay and abilities will be put to the test with these upcoming changes.

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