Valorant: The Crazy for Game, Hype or Real?

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Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer shooting game. The game is developed by Riot Games. Valorant was released in its beta version on April 7, 2020, initially. Its beta period saw a great response and it was officially released on June 2, 2020. The gameplay of Valorant is a team-based shooting battle. Players have to choose from an in-built character set of ‘Agents’. Each agent has its unique ability and is designed based on the culture and country that the agent belongs to.

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The most recent inclusion to the game is the Deathmatch. Deathmatch was added to Valorant in the August 5, 2020 updates. It is a 10-minute open to all match. The match starts with fourteen players and the first player to reach 40 kills or the player with maximum kills in the given time is the winner.

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Valorant holds the record of having 1.7 million views on Twitch

Valorant was received very well by gamers around the globe. It saw as many as three million daily logins in its beta phase trial daily. Many famous professional gaming streamers also shifted to Valorant, adding to its reach to users. Players like Psalm, ShahZam, Wardell, and Mixwell have been actively streaming Valorant on Twitch and YouTube Live. Valorant holds the record of having 1.7 million views on Twitch across streaming channels in a single day. The only other game by Riot Games to surpass this count is League of Legends with 1.73 million views.

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Valorant has been given very good ratings by various game critic websites like IGN, The Guardian, Gamespot, and Metacritic. It was also nominated in the categories of Best Esports Game, Best Multiplayer, and Best Community Support at The Game Awards, 2020. Valorant has been criticized for its anti-cheat software known as Vanguard. Many cyber experts argued that it works on the kernel driver and could have access to the computer system. Riot Games have clarified that they do not receive any information back from the software. Valorant is growing at a fast pace and is expected to take over the gaming scene strongly.

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