Valorant Players Discover New Neon Jump Boost on Breeze Despite Patches

Neon Jump Boost
17/09/2023 | This time in the form of a new Neon jump boost on the Breeze map. | Credits: Valorant

In the world of Valorant, players are known for their creativity and determination to find new ways to gain a competitive edge. Recently, Neon enthusiasts have been on a mission to make the agent viable on the Breeze map, despite her abilities not being ideally suited for it. This quest led to the discovery of a particular jump boost on A Site’s pyramids, but developers swiftly patched it out. However, the Valorant community’s ingenuity knows no bounds, and a new workaround has emerged.

The Initial Jump Neon Jump Boost

The initial jump boost on Breeze’s A Site pyramids involved an ally standing in a specific spot. The Neon player would then run into the ally and perform a slide manoeuvre at the edge, propelling themselves to reach higher ground. This method allowed Neon to access areas that other agents could easily reach, sparking intrigue among Neon mains.

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Patch and the New Workaround Neon Jump Boost

Riot Games, the developer of Valorant, swiftly addressed the unintended jump boost, patching it out of the game. However, Neon enthusiasts were undeterred and continued their quest for creative solutions. Recently, Valorant streamer and dedicated Neon player, temet, showcased a new method to achieve the jump boost. Interestingly, this approach bears similarities to the original jump boost.

In this new technique, an ally stands in the right position, but timing becomes crucial. The ally must execute a well-timed jump as the Neon player slides, resulting in a launch that propels Neon up the pyramid. This discovery has rekindled interest in Neon and her unique capabilities, inspiring players to explore her potential further.

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The desire to make Neon fly in Valorant is not entirely new. In 2022, players stumbled upon a technique that allowed Neon to gain upward momentum. By dashing and sliding into an ally from a specific height, Neon could access otherwise unreachable spots. This unintended mechanic, although not aligned with Riot’s vision for Neon, produced impressive highlights.

Neon Jump Boost: The Patch and Uncertain Future

However, Riot Games intervened in November 2022, patching out this ability as it was not part of their intended design for Neon. Yet, the recent discoveries regarding Breeze’s pyramids suggest there may be ongoing issues with the map geometry. Players found that, with Jett, spamming the crouch button allowed them to climb the pyramids without any abilities. While this provided a temporary advantage, it was also swiftly patched out by the developers.

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As the Valorant community continues to push the boundaries of agent abilities and map interactions, it remains to be seen if Riot Games will address the new Neon jump boost. For now, Neon players have found another way to soar to new heights, demonstrating the creativity and determination that define the Valorant community.

The Valorant community’s relentless pursuit of innovative strategies and techniques has once again yielded results, this time in the form of a new Neon jump boost on the Breeze map. While developers have patched out similar abilities in the past, players continue to explore new avenues for agent mobility and map traversal. As Neon enthusiasts refine this technique, it highlights the enduring creativity and determination that make Valorant a dynamic and evolving game.

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