Valorant Patch 7.07 to Bring Significant Cypher Ultimate Buff

Cypher Ultimate
02/10/2023 | Valorant’s Cypher ultimate ability receives a subtle yet impactful fix in Patch 7.07, encouraging strategic risk-taking. | Credits: Valorant

In the world of tactical shooters, details can make all the difference and a subtle yet impactful change to Cypher ultimate ability in the upcoming Valorant Patch 7.07 has caught the attention of fans and players alike. While not the most game-changing buff, it promises to encourage players to take more risks in pursuit of crucial information.

Cypher Ultimate Fix: A Subtle Yet Valuable Buff

Cypher, one of Valorant’s signature agents, has long been known for his strategic utility and surveillance capabilities. His Neural Theft (X) ultimate ability allows him to ping all living enemies by interacting with an enemy corpse. However, a longstanding issue was that if Cypher died during the two-second cast animation while his hat interacted with the corpse, the ultimate would abruptly terminate.

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Patch 7.07, currently in the Public Beta Environment (PBE), includes a “bug fix” that amounts to a significant buff for Cypher. Even if Cypher meets an untimely demise during the cast of Neural Theft, the ability will continue uninterrupted, pinging all surviving enemies twice. This fix rectifies a frustrating flaw and enhances the agent’s utility.

Cypher Ultimate Evolution: Recent Changes to Neural Theft

This isn’t the first time Cypher Ultimate has undergone adjustments. In Patch 6.02, Riot addressed a bug that halted Neural Theft if Cypher was eliminated after deploying the ability, particularly denying the second ping. However, the real transformation began in Patch 5.10 when Neural Theft received substantial buffs.

  1. Increased Maximum Cast Distance: The maximum cast distance was boosted from 12 to 18 meters, allowing Cypher to access information from a greater range.
  2. Second Ping Addition: A second ping was introduced, providing more detailed enemy location information.
  3. Improved Revealed Silhouettes: The revealed enemy silhouettes became more distinct, aiding in precise identification.
  4. Removal of Time Restriction: The restriction on casting the ability on enemy corpses was lifted, enabling Cypher to collect information more efficiently.
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These cumulative enhancements have made Neural Theft a potent tool for Cypher players. The ability to pinpoint enemy locations, even in death, is a valuable asset in tactical gameplay. With the upcoming fix, Cypher players may be more inclined to take calculated risks, potentially sacrificing themselves to secure essential information.

Cautious Application of the Cypher Ultimate

However, players should exercise caution in their use of Neural Theft. In one-versus-multiple situations, deploying the ultimate at the cost of Cypher’s life may not always be wise, as it may yield limited benefits if it confirms enemy positions in a crossfire scenario. Timing and decision-making remain crucial elements in maximizing the effectiveness of Cypher’s ultimate.

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While not a headline-grabbing change, the impending fix to Cypher’s Neural Theft in VALORANT Patch 7.07 is a testament to Riot Games’ commitment to refining agent abilities. The subtle yet significant buff promises to make Cypher even more formidable in the hands of skilled players, encouraging them to embrace the risks of the battlefield in their quest for vital information. As the tactical shooter landscape evolves, meticulous attention to detail shapes the game’s meta.

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