Valorant Packet Loss: Know How To Detect And Fix It

The packet loss on Valorant has increased these days, know how to fix it.

Valorant Packet Loss
Mostly the problem occurs due to bad ping

Valorant Packet Loss: Riot’s Valorant is famous for its packet losses. However, in the past few days, the number of reports has increased and players are screaming out. It looks like, the packet loss has suddenly increased for all the players. Moreover, this is not a problem for just one of two regions, but for almost every region.

So, let’s know more about the problem and some reasons to fix it.

Valorant Packet Loss: Why It Happens?

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What is the reason behind packet loss?

In simple terms, packet loss means lag. You will feel something is missing or the screen is getting stuck in between the game. But why this happens?

As the name suggests, packet loss means fewer or low packets. When a game client or any application expected a high number packet of data and it doesn’t receive that much, then it lags. The same happens with Valorant. In Valorant, packet loss occurs when the packets of data that arrive are less in number. Sometimes, the number is so less that, the game client shuts down or the screen gets stuck.

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This happens because of town reasons. First, your connection might not be capable enough to bring those amount of data in the given time. In this case, the problem is from your side. In the other case, it might occur from the server.

This time a huge number of players are getting packet loss. This means, there must be something from the server end. Because it is not possible to have a weaker connection for all the players at the same time.

How To Detect?

To detect packet loss in Valorant, you can simply enable it from the in-game settings. Furthermore, there is no need to apply several codes or install applications for it. To enable the packet loss data, follow the steps:

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Valorant Packet Loss
Enable packet loss stats

Step-1: Open The Game and go to settings

Step-2: Go to the video section

Step-3: Head towards the Stats category

Step-4: Packet loss details will be present on the bottom, choose between text, graph, or both.

How To Fix It?

In most situations, packet loss data might be fixed by getting a better connection. For example, get a wired connection instead of Wifi, this will make the data transfer fast and the packet loss will be reduced.

However, this time the packet loss in Valorant is due to the Server. So, we can just sit back and wait for any reply from the developers. Moreover, there is an update getting rolled out from the developers today. So, we might expect the fix of packet loss once the maintenance is over.

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