7 Best Valorant Agents for Players to Solo Queue to Radiant

Valorant solo queue
30/11/2022 | There comes a point in time when we are forced to solo queue in Valorant. So, picking the right agent is very important in order to win. | Credits: Reddit

Valorant has emerged as one of the most famous aggressive video games in the enterprise with its fast-growing player base. Riot Games have taken many initiatives to make sure gamers have an honest and interactive ride when competing in the ranked playlist.

Valorant requires gamers to apprehend the synergy between Agents to make a play. With that being said, some of these Agents are a must-have in the composition of game enthusiasts who choose to take part solo in the aggressive playlist of Riot’s shooter.

Agents to Pick for Solo Queue in Valorant

Radiant is the best possible rank in Valorant. Many gamers aspire to be at the pinnacle of the leaderboard. However, it is not handy barring the right set of Agents. The choice can make all the distinctions at greater ranges of play, specifically when enjoying alone. Mentioned under are seven Agents that are suited for solo queuing to Radiant in Valorant:

7) Chamber

Chamber is a pressure to be reckoned with in all lobbies. Despite being a Sentinel, the French Agent shares all his competencies with a Duelist in the shooter. Chamber is a must-pick on all maps due to the range of weapons he brings to the table. The Headhunter pistol and Rendezvous teleports can get a participant out of a pickle in a second.

Professional gamers can’t even dream of a lineup besides Chamber on board. However, the Agent has considered pretty much a few nerfs due to the fact of his release. Chamber is nevertheless one of the great solo-queue Agents in the recreation that game enthusiasts need to make use of if available.

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6) Brimstone

Brimstone is most likely one of the pleasant most important people who smoke in Valorant. He is the sole main smoker, with three clouds of smoke in his kit. This makes him enormously versatile and well-suited with most maps. Brimstone can be terrific for faking and retaking sites for solo queues in greater lobbies such as Radiant.

The American Controller additionally has a Stim Beacon that his group can make use of whilst traversing giant maps such as Fracture. Furthermore, his Molly is additionally beneficial for post-plant conditions and blocking off off enemy positions.

5) Viper

Viper is in a way the most famous Controller. Her compatibility on most maps is fantastically desirable if a participant is aware of how to play around with her Snake Bite molotoves and Toxic Screen wall. Unlike ordinary smokers, Viper can’t put off her smoke and vicinity it elsewhere. However, she has Orb smoke that can be used later in the round.

Viper shines in solo-queue video games due to her Snake Bites dealing adequate harm to get a participant off the Spike on a post-plant. Viper additionally possesses a lethal Ultimate acknowledged as the Vipers Pit. The Ultimate can effortlessly keep off an enemy push for a lengthy time.

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4) Sage

Sage’s Resurrection Ultimate and Healing potential make her one of the pinnacle options for solo play in Valorant. The capability to revive a teammate and regain man gain is beneficial in solo and stack.

Sage additionally comes with precious abilities, such as her Slow Orbs and the Barrier Orb wall, making her an extraordinarily bendy select on maps like Haven, Fracture, and Ascent. She is one of the authentic Agents in Valorant and one of the fan favorites.

3) Reyna

Reyna is a powerhouse in solo queue video games in Valorant for several reasons. The Mexican Duelist wishes a single kill to flip the frag into a chain with her kit. She receives the possibility to brush aside after a kill, which makes her reasonably bendy in sticky situations. She can additionally heal herself as soon as she receives a kill that prepares her for any other fight.

Her Empress Ultimate nearly usually ensures that she has the top hand in a fight, as she can emerge as absolutely invisible after being dismissed. With the current Leer buff, she can flash a whole vicinity except demanding about the range. Reyna’s package makes her a mighty solo queue Agent.

2) Skye

Many high-lobby players, in particular in Radiant, pick Skye for her intel-gathering abilities. The Australian Initiator possesses flashes that can discover enemies thru a sound cue if they are blinded. Her Wolf is additionally succesful in droning giant areas. Furthermore, it is quicker than Sova’s Owl.

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Skye is additionally a fantastic healer, as she can heal more than one teammate simultaneously. Her Seekers Ultimate is additionally amazing in seizing situations, making her a superb solo queue pick.

1) Fade

Fade shortly grew to become a famous Initiator chosen in Valorant after her launch in Episode 4 The Turkish Agent can manipulate a site and her opponents with her capacity to achieve whole information. Her Haunt and Prowlers constantly preserve her on the facet by pushing out opponents from their secure space.

Fade took over Sova on maps, the place she dominated. Her Knightfall Ultimate is a sight to behold. Every enemy caught in the gaze of the Ultimate receives decayed and tracked. Along with that, they additionally lose sound. Fade is a quiet environment-friendly Agent for gamers searching to solo queue and is a must-pick on particular maps like Bind, Fracture, and Pearl.

Players can add the aforementioned Agents to their group composition when enjoying solo in Valorant competitive. Grinding to Radiant is now not an effortless undertaking in Riot’s shooter. But with that being said, enjoying Agents with high-impact capabilities can continually grant higher effects than expected.

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