Valorant Rank Queue Disabled: What Is The Issue? How To Fix It?

Ranked matches are currently not available in some of the regions for Valorant players. Know when it will be fixed.

Valorant Rank Queue Disabled
Omen in Valorant

Valorant Rank Queue Disabled: Players do have not much to complain about when it comes to Valorant. The developers always try their best to keep the game technically updated. Recently, the ranked queue for ranked matches was disabled. What was the reason? When It will be fixed? Know everything about it in detail, here.

Valorant Rank Queue Disabled: Issue

Valorant Rank Queue Disabled
What is this maintenance for?

Riot’s Valorant was launched in 2020 and the game is only one year old. Moreover, the game has some of the best features in technical terms. The Vanguard is one of the most appreciated things which keeps the game safe from hackers. However, it is not 100% safe but when compared to other games, it is a lot better.

However, there are some errors and small bugs which need to be fixed. Some of the players reported about the voice chat. Moreover, Valorant disabled the rank queue of Valorant for around 2hrs to fix it.

This was a maintenance time for some regions. Players from the regions of LATAM, North America, and Brazil were not able to play the ranked matches during that time.

Valorant confirmed that it was for maintenance and it will take around 2hrs. Also, this was to fix some bugs related to Voice chat.

Valorant Rank Queue Disabled: How To Fix?

As it was a maintenance update players can do nothing about it. Furthermore, it lasts only for 2hrs which means you will only be missing 2-3 matches of your ranked game. However, you can still enjoy the Unraked mode and deathmatch or custom games.

The game client will get a small update after the update is rolled out. After updating, restart the game client. So, there is no doubt about getting any problem once the update is complete.

Timing of Maintenance

Valorant maintenance time
Know The Timings here

According to the Tweet, the game will be unavailable on 29th September. According to Indian time, the maintenance time will be during 06:30 PM. However, it is not for Indian players this means they can play their game without facing any problem.

According to Washinton time, the game will be unavailable till 09:00 AM for American players. This means they won’t be able to play the game in the Morning.

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