Valorant Overdrive Bundle: A Sneak Peek into the Future of Weapon Skins

Overdrive Bundle
07/12/2023 | Discover the vibrant world of Valorant’s upcoming Overdrive Bundle with leaked images. Uncover stunning weapon skins and animations in this exciting sneak peek. | Credits: Valorant

Valorant enthusiasts have a new reason to rejoice as Riot Games gears up to launch the much-anticipated Overdrive Bundle. Leaked ahead of its official debut, this collection promises a fresh wave of excitement for players seeking vibrant and visually stunning weapon skins.

The Overdrive Bundle is poised to take centre stage, replacing the Sentinels of Light (SoL) collection. Sentinels of Light, introduced in the 2.0 bundle, had its unique charm, but Overdrive appears ready to usher in a new era of aesthetics and animations.

Valorant Overdrive Bundle: First Look

Leaked images have surfaced, providing players an exclusive first look at the Overdrive Bundle. The entire range has been unveiled from weapon designs to animations and sound effects. What stands out is the perfect blend of bright colours with minimalistic themes, setting the Overdrive skins apart.

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Valorant Overdrive Bundle: Design Elements

One noteworthy design element is the tiny bullet counter-like computer strategically positioned at the gun’s hammer. The orange body is adorned with stickers and signs, creating a vibrant yet sleek appearance. As per player requests, the Overdrive Bundle is fully animated, featuring upbeat visual effects (VFX) that elevate the in-game experience.

Valorant Overdrive Bundle: Kill Banner and Animations

The Kill Banner, while minimal, exudes a classic aesthetic. Upon eliminating the last opponent with an Overdrive weapon, a visually striking sequence unfolds. The deceased avatar is propelled mid-air, surrounded by tiny shards in a purple halo. The light condenses into the body, culminating in a spectacular tiny crystal blast.

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Available Weapons: The Overdrive Bundle is set to adorn the following weapons:

  1. Vandal
  2. Bucky
  3. Stinger
  4. Sheriff
  5. Melee (Blade)

The melee weapon, a blade, shares similarities with existing knives like the RGX 11z Pro. Its design incorporates electricity running through the metal, mirroring the colors of the variant.

Variants: Overdrive introduces four vibrant variants, each boasting a unique color scheme: Red, Blue, Purple, and the default Orange. All variants share identical VFX and animations, ensuring consistency across the collection.

Pricing and Release Date: While the exact price of the Overdrive Bundle remains unknown, it is anticipated to fall into the Premium category. Speculations suggest a price tag of 7,100 Valorant Points, translating to 1,775 VP per individual weapon and 3,550 VP for the knife.

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As for the release date, Valorant enthusiasts may mark December 7 or 8, 2023, on their calendars, anticipating the arrival of the Overdrive Bundle. Riot Games has built a reputation for surprising its community, and the launch of this visually striking collection is bound to make waves in the gaming world.


The Overdrive Bundle not only promises a visual feast for Valorant players but also hints at the evolving landscape of in-game cosmetic offerings. With vibrant colours, meticulous animations, and unique design elements, Overdrive is poised to become a sought-after collection among players looking to elevate their in-game style. As the gaming community eagerly awaits its official release, the leaked images have sparked a buzz, setting the stage for Valorant’s next iconic weapon skin collection.

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