Valorant Night Market October 2023: Date, Skins, and Discounts Revealed

Valorant Night Market
05/09/2023 | As Valorant continues to excite players with its Night Market events, the October 2023 Valorant Night Market promises to be a fantastic opportunity to acquire your favourite weapon skins at discounted prices. | Credits: Riot Games

The Valorant Night Market is an eagerly anticipated event for Valorant players, offering discounted weapon skins from previous bundles. As we approach October 2023, players are eager to know when the next Night Market will arrive and what skins will be available. In this article, we provide you with the latest updates on the Valorant Night Market in October 2023.

When is the Next Valorant Night Market?

The most recent Night Market in August 2023 delighted players, offering discounted skins for a limited time. Based on historical patterns, the next edition of the Valorant Night Market is expected to go live on October 4, 2023. However, please note that this date is speculative and subject to change. The Night Market typically lasts for 20 days, with no card refreshes during this period. Therefore, you’ll have 20 days to grab your favourite skins at discounted prices. The October 2023 Night Market is likely to conclude on October 24, 2023.

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Skins Available in Valorant Night Market (Episode 7 Act 3)

The October 2023 Night Market will introduce new bundles, including Magepunk (EP 6) and No Limits. It’s important to note that no weapon skin priced above 1775VP will be included. However, players can expect at least two premium-tier skins to be revealed for each player. Additionally, melee weapons priced at 4350VP and above will not be part of the Night Market. Here is a list of skin sets that will be available in the next Night Market pool for Episode 7 Act 3:

Select Edition Tier Skins:

  • Convex
  • Endeavour
  • Galleria
  • Infantry
  • Luxe
  • Prism II
  • Rush
  • Reverie
  • Sensation
  • Smite
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Deluxe Edition Tier Skins:

  • Abyssal
  • Altitude
  • Aristocrat
  • Avalanche
  • No Limits [New]
  • Horizon
  • Kohaku & Matsuba
  • Luna
  • Minima
  • Nunca Olvidados
  • Prism
  • Sakura
  • Sarmad
  • Silvanus
  • Snowfall
  • Team Ace
  • Tigris
  • Titanmail
  • Wasteland
  • Winterwunderland

Premium Edition Tier Skins

The Premium tier skins are highly sought after, featuring various animations, effects, and sound effects. Some of the skins that will be available include:

  • Black Market
  • Celestial
  • Crimsonbeast
  • Cryostasis
  • Doodle Buds
  • Ego
  • Forsaken
  • Gaia’s Vengeance
  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster
  • Magepunk (EP 2), Magepunk (EP 3), Magepunk (EP 6) [New]
  • Nebula
  • Neptune
  • Oni (EP 1), Oni (EP 6)
  • Origin
  • Prime, Prime//2.0
  • Radiant Crisis 001
  • Reaver, Reaver//2.0
  • Recon
  • Soulstrife
  • Sovereign
  • Spline
  • Tethered Realms
  • Undercity
  • VALORANT Go! Vol. 1, VALORANT Go! Vol. 2
  • Xenohunter
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Please note that the availability of these skins may vary, and players are encouraged to check the official Night Market for the most up-to-date information.

As Valorant continues to excite players with its Night Market events, the October 2023 Night Market promises to be a fantastic opportunity to acquire your favorite weapon skins at discounted prices. Keep an eye on the official Valorant channels for the official Night Market announcement and get ready to enhance your in-game arsenal with these stunning skins.

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