Valorant Mobile Exclusive MVP Animation Sparks Envy Among PC Players

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23/09/2023 | PC players envy Valorant Mobile’s exclusive MVP animations. Will Riot Games bring this feature to the PC version? Players hope for an upgrade. | Credits: Valorant

Valorant mobile, still in development, is already generating excitement and envy among PC players for its exclusive visuals and features. As details and snippets from the mobile version emerge, some PC players are calling on Riot Games to enhance the PC version with similar features.

Valorant Mobile Exclusive MVP Animation

One of the recent discoveries by data miners is the MVP (Most Valuable Player) screen for Reyna in Valorant Mobile China, a feature absent in the PC variant. This exclusive animation showcases Reyna in all her purple-hued glory, magically appearing on the screen. The animation includes Reyna elegantly wielding her utility and concludes with a fierce pose, accompanied by a prominent MVP banner.

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Another exclusive animation for Yoru has also been leaked, further fueling PC players’ desire for similar enhancements in the PC version.

PC Players’ Desire for Mobile MVP Animation

The mobile MVP screen’s more elaborate design has caught the attention of PC players who find it more engaging and motivating compared to the PC counterpart. In Valorant on PC, the MVP agent is placed at the centre of the winning lineup without any additional animation or fanfare. In contrast, the mobile version celebrates the MVP with a visually appealing animation, encouraging all participants to strive for that coveted title.

Balancing Unique Features

Players are now urging Riot Games to consider implementing the MVP animation from Valorant Mobile into the PC version. They argue that this addition would not only make the game more engaging but also provide valuable content for Valorant highlight clips, especially for players who earn the MVP title.

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However, while the idea of enhancing the PC version with mobile-exclusive features is appealing to some players, it’s important to note that Valorant Mobile is designed to cater to a different audience and platform. Mobile gaming often incorporates unique features and designs tailored to the mobile experience.

Unlikely Full Bridge Between Platforms

Despite the enthusiasm among PC players for these mobile-exclusive animations, it’s unlikely that Riot Games will fully bridge the gap between the two platforms, as certain distinctions will always set Valorant PC apart from its mobile counterpart. Nevertheless, players remain hopeful that Riot may consider incorporating some of the exciting elements from Valorant Mobile into the PC version in the future.

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As Valorant Mobile’s development progresses, it will be interesting to see how Riot Games balances the unique features of each platform while ensuring an enjoyable experience for players across both PC and mobile devices.

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