Valorant Franchise League 2023: All Details

Valorant Franchise League 2023: All Details
The Valorant franchise league is set to begin in February 2023

The Valorant franchise league is one of the most eagerly anticipated gaming events in the world. In 2023, three international leagues will be held, with the event beginning in February 2023 and finishing in September 2023.

The North American, European, and Korean Leagues are the three leagues that have been announced thus far. It’s expected that the champions of these three leagues will be eligible to compete in top-tier global events. It’s also anticipated that the Valorant franchise league teams will receive a $600,000 stipend.

Valorant Franchise League

Each league will have its regular season, with clubs from the same area playing each other. At the end of the regular season, the top teams from each region will advance to the playoffs. The playoffs will be a single-elimination tournament in which contestants from each continent compete against one another until there is only one winner left standing. The world champion will be crowned after the conclusion of the playoffs.

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The Overwatch League is one of a kind. The league was created to be very inclusive, with teams from all over the world competing against each other. And the league emphasizes collaboration and sportsmanship, which are two of the most essential values in esports.


Riot Games has already spoken with many teams, or they are in the process of doing so. The company is anticipated to make a selection on which teams will participate in the league by September.

The Overwatch League’s revenue model is based on team-based skins. The proceeds from the sales of these costumes assist to fill each team’s $600,000 stipend.

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Despite the worries of certain members of the community, the new league is generally regarded as a good thing. It is expected that the league will help to develop the community and level the playing field in the market. Underdog squads will have a chance to compete against stronger teams, and all teams will be able to learn from one another.

Another distinction between the LMS and the LCS may be the number of teams in each league. The LCS currently has ten clubs, but the LMS only has eight. This is presumably due to the smaller size of the region, although it’s possible that Riot Games will expand the league in future years.

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