Valorant MK.VII Liberty Skin Bundle: Leaks and Speculations

MK.VII Liberty skin bundle
12/02/2024 | Exciting leaks reveal Valorant’s MK.VII Liberty skin bundle, featuring weapon upgrades and a new melee skin. Fans anticipate its release date! | Credits: Valorant

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as leaks emerge about the highly anticipated Valorant MK.VII Liberty skin bundle, which is set to make its debut in patch 8.03. Following the success of Riot Games’ previous releases like Xerofang and Kuronami, this upcoming bundle is expected to provide players with a wide range of cosmetic upgrades for their favorite weapons, including the possibility of an innovative melee skin design. As data miners uncover intriguing details about the contents of the MK.VII Liberty collection, speculation is running wild among Valorant enthusiasts who can’t wait to deck out their arsenal with these coveted skins.

As new information surfaces about the leaked MK.VII Liberty skin bundle, players are being swept up in a whirlwind of thrill and anticipation. The leaked image, which was shared by the reputable dataminer @VALORANTLeaksEN, offers a tantalizing glimpse into what this upcoming collection might entail, sparking endless speculation about its features and aesthetics. With rumors swirling about skins for fan-favorite weapons like the Vandal, Guardian, Judge, and Operator, as well as the intriguing addition of the ‘Combat Knife’ melee skin, Valorant enthusiasts are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting further announcements from Riot Games regarding this highly anticipated release.

The Valorant community is buzzing with excitement as leakers unveil thrilling information about the highly anticipated MK.VII Liberty skin bundle. Scheduled to make its grand entrance in patch 8.03, this bundle is set to bring cosmetic enhancements to essential weapons, and there’s even a chance of introducing a fresh and unique melee skin design. Following Riot Games’ triumphs with bundles like Xerofang and Kuronami, players are eagerly counting down the days until the release of the MK.VII Liberty bundle, which is sure to leave fans exhilarated and buzzing with anticipation.

Valorant MK.VII Liberty Skin Bundle

In a matter of moments after the game’s 8.03 PBE cycle kicked off on February 9, 2024, eagle-eyed dataminers stumbled upon intriguing details about the MK.VII Liberty skin bundle. Thanks to the trustworthy dataminer @VALORANTLeaksEN, a leaked image emerged, offering a tantalizing sneak peek into the marvelous assortment of skins that players have been eagerly awaiting.

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The data that has been leaked indicates that the upcoming bundle will feature attractive skins for a variety of well-known weapons in Valorant, such as the Vandal, Guardian, Judge, and Operator. These weapons play a crucial role in the Valorant meta, so it’s a smart move by the developers to include alluring skins for them.

The MK.VII Liberty Skin Bundle ‘Combat Knife’

Get ready for the ultimate weapon skin collection with the MK.VII Liberty bundle! This incredible bundle not only offers a wide variety of weapon skins but also introduces the highly anticipated ‘Combat Knife’ melee skin. The name of this skin has piqued the curiosity of skin enthusiasts, who are eagerly awaiting its stunning design. Get ready to be amazed!

As Valorant players, we’ve grown accustomed to the sleek animations of dagger, butterfly, and karambit-style melee skins. However, the arrival of the Combat Knife brings with it the exciting prospect of a brand new animation for this weapon category. This thrilling addition has the power to infuse Valorant’s expanding collection of skins with a fresh and exhilarating twist.

Fans have been quick to speculate about different aspects of the MK.VII Liberty collection, even without any official skin designs. One particular area of speculation that has caught everyone’s attention is the aesthetic direction of the skins. Many are wondering if they will have a realistic appearance similar to the much-loved Recon collection. In addition to the default option, the MK.VII Liberty skin bundle is expected to provide three additional variants: Desert, Tundra, and Sea. These variants not only add a touch of realism to the combat gear but also intensify the excitement among players.

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Upgradeable Effects and Pricing, and Release Date

The highly anticipated skins are said to come with a single level of upgradable effects, suggesting that they might be part of the affordable skin collection tier, known as the Deluxe Edition (DE) bundles. This tier allows players to get their hands on visually stunning skins without breaking the bank, making it a perfect choice for Valorant players from all walks of life.

Speculation is running wild about the potential release date of the MK.VII Liberty skin bundle from Riot Games. Although an official announcement is still pending, fans are eagerly anticipating its debut. As the PBE for the upcoming patch (8.04) is set to launch on March 1, 2024, it’s quite plausible that the MK.VII Liberty bundle might make its way to the market in late February, just before the patch’s release. Stay tuned for more updates!


To wrap things up, the Valorant community is buzzing with excitement for the highly anticipated MK.VII Liberty skin bundle. Leaks and speculations have been fueling the anticipation, providing us with intriguing insights into the upcoming cosmetic additions. Brace yourselves, as iconic weapons like the Vandal, Guardian, Judge, and Operator are expected to receive visually stunning skins. Players can’t wait to personalize their loadouts with these exciting new options. But that’s not all! The introduction of the MK.VII Liberty ‘Combat Knife’ is set to inject a fresh dose of excitement into melee combat. Speculation is running wild about the potential for groundbreaking animation designs. As the release date draws near, the excitement within the Valorant community continues to grow, showcasing the enduring appeal of cosmetic customization. It’s a testament to the dedication of both players and developers in delivering engaging content. Get ready for an epic experience!

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Riot Games continues to push the boundaries of innovation and community involvement, and the upcoming launch of the MK.VII Liberty skin bundle is a testament to their commitment. This bundle is set to revolutionize Valorant’s meta and give players exciting opportunities for self-expression. Riot is determined to create a gaming experience that is both captivating and immersive. As players eagerly anticipate more news and the eventual release of the bundle, the excitement surrounding its potential impact on gameplay, aesthetics, and overall enjoyment in the Valorant universe remains at an all-time high.

The release of the MK.VII Liberty skin bundle in Valorant has the community buzzing with anticipation. With every new leak and speculation, excitement grows even more. Players are thrilled about the upcoming cosmetic upgrades for their favorite weapons and the potential game-changing melee skin design. As Riot Games prepares to reveal this highly anticipated bundle, fans are eagerly marking off the days on their calendars, eagerly awaiting the moment they can finally add the MK.VII Liberty skins to their collections and dive into thrilling adventures in the world of Valorant.

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