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Paper Rex Benches Star Player Jinggg for Mandatory Military Service

07/10/2023 | Valorant’s Paper Rex benches star player Jinggg due to mandatory military service, leaving fans hopeful for his return. | Credits: Paper Rex

Paper Rex, the reigning VCT Pacific champions and grand finalists of Valorant Champions 2023, has made a bittersweet announcement. Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie, their beloved duelist star from Singapore, has been moved to the bench due to his mandatory military service commitment. While fans are sad to see him step down, they remain hopeful for his return to the competitive Valorant scene.

Jinggg: A Valuable Member

In an official statement, Paper Rex expressed their appreciation for Jinggg’s contributions to the team. Despite his move to the substitute role, Jingg remains an integral part of the Paper Rex VALORANT roster. Chief Gaming Officer Harley “dsn” Örwall emphasized Jinggg’s positive energy, fearless aggression, and his embodiment of Paper Rex’s identity as WGAMING.

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Singaporean men are required to complete two years of mandatory military service. This commitment has led Jinggg to temporarily step away from the starting roster. While his absence is undoubtedly felt, fans are hopeful that he will return to competitive play once his military service is completed.

Supportive Fans

The VALORANT community has shown an outpouring of support for Jingg. Many fans are confident that he will make a triumphant return to professional play once his military service obligations are fulfilled. Although the timeline for his return remains uncertain, Jinggg’s young age leaves ample room for a comeback.

Monyet: New Addition to the Roster

In the wake of Jinggg’s transition to the substitute role, Paper Rex has made a strategic move. They have acquired Cahya “Monyet” Nugraha from Global Esports to bolster their roster for the 2024 season. With Monyet joining the team and other key members, including the VCT Pacific MVP, set to return, Paper Rex remains a strong global contender despite Jinggg’s temporary absence.

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Looking Ahead

As Jingg embarks on his mandatory military service journey, Paper Rex and their fans eagerly anticipate his return to the competitive VALORANT scene. While his absence is notable, it is a testament to his dedication to the sport and his team. The VALORANT community remains supportive and hopeful for the day when Jingg can once again showcase his skills on the battlefield.

Jinggg’s temporary benching due to mandatory military service is a poignant moment for Paper Rex and the Valorant community. While fans will miss his dynamic playstyle, they remain optimistic about his future return. In the meantime, Paper Rex’s acquisition of Monyet ensures that they will continue to be a formidable presence in the competitive VALORANT landscape.

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